All About Eyelash Extensions Client Consultation

All About Eyelash Extensions Client Consultation

Can you imagine going to a beauty salon, saying hi and then be positioned on the seat without directing the makeup artists what to do?

They grab a sponge and a contour Brush and just start working over your face.

How strange would that be?

Well, this is what actually happens in the Eyelash Industry. It's the exceedingly general practice for Beauty salons to lay regulars straight down on the bench and start applying lashes on, in whatever thickness, length and curl they deem best or have available to them. Most of the On-top budget salons merely apply the same set of eyelash extensions to every client, completely avoiding their eye shape, lash health, and even the look the client will have after the process.

So, there must be a consultation with every client…. but do everyone always considers this?

To dismiss consultation as a formality is the general practice, the thing that eats into your time when someone could be going to earn money. But Consultation is the first milestone from where the service should begin. The main purpose of lash consultation is to ensure that there will be no more ambiguities, you will fully aware of what you need to do actually, and clients also know exactly what they will be getting, so that they will adore the end result. In order to satisfy clients with your Lash treatment, you need to know exactly what their expectations are.

Eyelash extensions can make the eyes appear broader and more elevated. Extensions are placed individually and are separated properly for natural lashes to grow normally. Eyelash extensions need to be applied by a licensed professional who has adequate experience with this procedure and the First step should be lash consultation.

Things to discuss in lash consultation?

The things include in eyelash consultation could be over any allergies, previous lash history, desired length, lash curl, preferred thickness, how much volume you prefer or how much volume you don't want.

Due to the growing fame of the lash industry, it's quite common that most of your clients will have an idea of the look they actually want. Whether they must have some friends, colleagues, or relatives who got eyelash extensions, might possible they have seen snaps on the social media. So, there is a great chance that they will quite a good idea about the look they are looking for with their lashes.

In another case, you can show a couple of photos presenting the lash styles you have and what suits the clients' eyes best, and ask them their preferences. The pictures give the best artistic examples of what they like or dislike in others. Pictures can be very helpful and also a great way to get an idea of the preferred look.

Things to bear in Mind for Lash Consultation

Firstly, observe the Client's natural eyelashes.

Following things should be counted when selecting the right type of eyelash extensions:

Eye Shape

Size of eyes (large, small or in between)

The orientation of eyes (wide set, deep-set, close-set)

Quality of natural lashes (length, volume, colour, curl)

Preference (natural or glamorous look)

Allergies or sensitivities

And to know above specifications of a client, one needs to observe these during the consultation.

Whether they have few or many lashes? What's their lash size, short or long? How is the Volume of lashes; thick or thin? How Do their lashes grow; straight, curling, overlapping? These observations will help you to make decisions about which lash treatment you need to follow.

Focus on Client's natural Eye shape.

Whether their eyes are circular or almond shaped? What look they are looking for, a look that will make their eyes expand more, or that one propels out in the corner?

Ask questions as much as you can!

Asking your clients questions can help in determining a look for your client. Ask Significant questions such as:

Why are they getting the lashes?

What kind of look do they want?

What is their makeup routine?

Do they apply mascara or lash strips on a daily basis?

Are they looking for eyelash extensions to be natural-looking, visible or dramatic in length?

This will express whether your client favours a more natural, subtle look or if they choose a more dramatic look for everyday wear.

Lash Consultation works excellent for you, as asking the right questions and analyzing the client's natural lashes, you should be capable to come up with an actionable plan, and afterwards be able to clarify which eyelashes will work best for the customer, and why.

Tips to define your clients for after-lash extension care

Eyelashes should not be touched particularly during a few hours of application.

They should be kept dry at least for 24-36 hours. This also involves avoiding steamy environments, very hot showers, spas, saunas, etc. for 24 hours at least. If it's a very hot and humid day, one should attempt to stay out of the heat. All of this will let the adhesive to heal as strongly as possible.

If using any makeup products on the face, all need to be Oil-free, particularly eye makeup removers and cleansers should be oil-free. Waterproof or oil-based mascara or eyeliner must be highly avoided.

Playing or picking at lashes in consort with rubbing eyes roughly should be evaded.

It should be highly focused, one should not try to remove lashes by its own self as it could damage natural lashes too. One should need to go to a professional for proper eyelash removal.

Since every client has a different natural lash pattern and lashes growth, it is significant to treat each client as a discrete individual especially when it comes to selecting the eyelash extensions you are going to apply to their lashes. By applying the same lashes, of the same length and curl to two different people, a lash artist will get highly contrasting results, this is what makes eyelash extension an Art!