Role of Health Professionals and Services

Health care is important in order to maintain and improve the health and the well-being of people. Through the different roles and functions given to the health professionals, they work together to give the best service and create a healthy environment for everyone.

Role of Health Professionals and Services

Health professionals, as key members of the health care service, are those in-charge of giving health related services to the people. It is divided into different roles:


Known to be the forefront of the healthcare services, doctors are trained practitioners of medicine. Meaning, they specializes in a certain field so they could help in addressing specific health needs and concerns.

Doctors are also in-charge of the patient's initial diagnosis that includes assessing the patient's current health condition as well as administering the patient's treatment. Licensed to recommend and advice the medication they think the patient needs, they provide different kinds of therapy services.


Nurses are responsible in maintaining the operations and giving different types of care to their patients. From giving regular medication to admitting and monitoring the status of their patients, nurses are also responsible in processing the medical documents and the health service operations of the place. 

Along with the doctors, nurses also partake a big role in giving high quality of health care service as they are the ones who give immediate response and treatment to the patients.


In charge of giving first aid to the patients, Paramedics are the first respondents in a medical emergency. Their role is crucial since they need to provide immediate care to patients in need of being moved to the nearest medical center via ambulance. 

To emphasize, immediate action is crucial especially during emergency. Thus, being part of the Paramedics, they ensure to give health and safety to people who are in need during the crucial times.

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