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A connecting High Five!

A connecting High Five!

As a substitute in primary school I try to follow my own 'rules' about connecting communication. What a challenge! I can hear what the children are thinking when they first see me: "What are YOU doing here today? We don't know you, so ... we will be very creative in resisting you and your rules!" 

What a lovely surprise it was, that Thursday when there was this 'high five' for me initiated by the most creative one in class. Patrick, the most creative one, even added "Sorry, miss, about what just happened."!  What happened wasn't at all trivial and in the afternoon Patrick still found it extremely difficult to deal with me. Strange, new teachers: you can't trust new people. This was what Patrick seemed to think and he sure made me aware of this conviction of his :-) And yet, when I think about the high five and his words I can only smile while remembering him. 

What made Patrick raise his hand inviting me to connect for a split second?

He wanted to thank me. I was looking for him so I could tell him his computer time was ending but I hadn't seen him hiding in a corner very close to the computer he had been working on. So I was searching for him. After some helpful kids told me his secret, I looked again, now under the desks. While I was searching he jumped out of his hiding place and surprise me with a big smile and eyes franticly checking my face: "How is she going to react?". His action first startled me and then made me laugh (very loud because of the effect). 

I think he was afraid I would tell him to move his body asap to his chair and desk, BUT ... I laughed at him and with a ferm shake of his shoulders I told him he would be a very good special agent one day. We agreed he was allowed to have two more minutes before shutting the laptop.

"Yes!!" + hand raising + "Sorry about what just happened" was his response and I loved it! 

"What just happened" wasn't trivial (far from it!) and his actions in the afternoon weren't nice all afternoon, on the contrary. And yet, I remember our high five moment and I smile. Connectedness ... Patrick showed a genuine happy face these few minutes. For Patrick every short positive moment with strangers is very important. Next year will be a challenging year, secondary school has so many more teachers than primary school ... I hope he will remember our mutual genuine positive minutes as a resource: every tough day can have some fine moments.

Smile, Ella

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Ella de Jong 7/6/2017 · #11

Hi @🐝 Fatima G. Williams ! Thank you for your kind words! I was 'gone' for a while. I suppose I'm back :-) . Let's inspire each other!! #7

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Ella de Jong 7/6/2017 · #10

Gosh thank you @Deb 🐝 Helfrich I'm honoured!! #4
Actually `i was in search for posts that would be 'useful' / 'interesting' on beBee. I couldn't tell WHAT I could do to 'help/inspire' beBees in a way a lot of others also do ... I go a little bit lost and next to my passion to create empowering smiles I DO NOT have a hobby, haha!! So there wasn't a group on beBee I wanted to join :-) (could spend my time more useful).
Now I'm checking on beBee again after a few weeks I see all this!
Perhaps I keep on writing about 'good vibes in class' ... being around with kids, well one could call it a hobby!
So glad we keep on encouraging each other, thank you!

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Ella de Jong 7/6/2017 · #9

Thank you so much Tausif!! #3

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Deb 🐝 Helfrich 5/6/2017 · #8

#7 For whatever reason, Ella is just like Ali - In order to mention them, we need to type @ + a few characters of their last name.....

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#4 Deb I am following her but seem to have missed reading her buzzes. She is quite inspirational and fun loving by the looks. I'm must start talking to her more often :) What say @Ella de Jong

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Tausif Mundrawala 4/6/2017 · #5

#4 You have been a motivational force and a very helpful one my friend. I can't think a day without this wonderful platform and ofcourse without you all. I came accross her comment on beBee English hive on one of it's post. Her buzzes were excellent as education has always been very close to my heart. She deserves to be endorsed and her brand promoted. Am glad that you took notice my friend,@Deb 🐝 Helfrich

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Deb 🐝 Helfrich 4/6/2017 · #4

@🐝 Fatima G. Williams have you met the very inspiring teacher @Ella de Jong? Funny how I was just thinking it important to make sure you are surrounding yourself with a tribe of teachers and @Tausif Mundrawala brought this to the top of my feed.

beBee is the place to make all dreams come true!

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Tausif Mundrawala 4/6/2017 · #3

Teachers play a prominent role in the life of a student. I still remember my teacher caught me not paying attention to her teaching a geography lesson. She asked me a question ,"Where do we find the large number of crocodiles in the world?" and I was blank and apprehensive to answer. She said it River Limpopo and made me write in hundred times in my notebook. That punishment helped me remember this lesson even today. Am glad that my teachers were highly intellectual ones. Thanks for this wonderful buzz, @Ella de Jong

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