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Not a therapist but ...

Not a therapist but ...

What do you think? How many lives have been saved because of the words and actions of ‘normal people’?

What do you think? How many tough lives have been changed because of the words and actions of ‘regular people’?

Think about this: how many ‘non therapists’ does a child, a teenager, an adolescent meet during the day?

Please think about this also: how many of those young people are troubled in various ways?

Imagine for a second please: imagine yourself as a regular, normal person helping a troubled child, troubled teenager or a troubled adolescent. Just by making them smile for a moment. Wouldn’t that be great?

It’s possible! By choosing the right words in a genuine way you are able to help them!

And guess what: the words aren’t big words! The words aren’t difficult words! And for sure the words aren’t special therapeutic words (although the effect of it might be).

Actually when the youngsters get to know you and your words, you only have to look at them when they create "trouble" with a question mark above your head and they’ll know and start smiling (and stop troubling)!

Let me tell you which words I think can be very uplifting and helpful

Imagine you see a youngster (age doesn’t matter) and you notice some distress, sadness, unease or anger. You want to be of help, so you look at him/her and with the right tone of voice you say:

“You seem not very happy… has there been a happier moment today?”

Of course this is not all and everything you say, but it might be enough to lift them up. No difficult words, certainly not a lot of words just a few words and then … silence and attention. Perhaps th