Ella Tang en Artists and actors, Fashion and Beauty, Business Founder and Designer • TANGOELLA 10/10/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +400

Paris Fashion Week

Just want to update you on my solo Paris trip presenting my line TANGOELLA Spring 17 for Paris Fashion Week. My anxiety and fears were replaced with excitements as soon as I landed in Paris. The rest was just the experience beyond what I expected: fantastic fashion show, meeting new friends, street stroll and window shopping. Of course the gourmet food too. It was so much more rewarding than traveling for Corp business trips.

When you travel, You'll see new opportunities for business, ideas for new services you can offer and more ways you can help people. I want to be more open-minded. I want to continue discovering and improving myself. I want to serve my audience (you) better.

Traveling has been proven to strengthen business skills. Better communication, ability to adapt, teamwork skills, cultural awareness, time management, networking, working with constraints, leadership.Paris Fashion Week