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6 Beauty Tricks On the Run for Busy Women

One of the most common challenges for women is getting ready for work each day as quickly as possible. Although it's important to remain prompt when headed to school or work, most people want to look presentable and feel confident with their appearance.

When you want to reduce the time that it takes to get ready without looking like a slob, there are a few beauty tricks to utilize when you're on the run.

6 Beauty Tricks On the Run for Busy Women

#1. Wear a Bold Lip Color

From contouring to covering up blemishes with BB cream, there are several different steps to take to make your complexion look flawless. It can be difficult to make your face look perfect when you're crunched for time, making it necessary to draw more attention to your lips.

Enhance your puckers with a bold lip color that stands out and will work as the focal point on your face. Applying a bright or dark lip color will make it look like you spent more time on your makeup and beauty routine.

Consider using a lip pencil on the outline of your lips to make the lipstick look even with its application. You also want to apply a color that is appropriate for the season.

If you don't have time to use lip balm underneath your lipstick or gloss, opt for using a tinted moisturizer to prevent chapped lips.

#2. Organize Your Beauty Products in the Bathroom

One of the most important steps to take when you prepare for days where you're feeling rushed is to get your makeup and beauty products organized.

Purge your drawers and bathroom of makeup or hair styling tools that haven't been used in the last six months to simplify the space.

Keep items that are used each day in areas that are easy to access and within reach to avoid spending extra time finding what you need. Consider placing everyday makeup products in a medium bag.

Your hair essentials can go in another bag when you need to use a teasing comb, dry shampoo, and Moroccan oil for added shine.

#3. Micro-Build the Eyebrows

Many women spend a significant amount of time perfecting their eyebrows by creating a perfect shape that is thicker than their natural brow.

Instead of creating an artificial look and having less time to apply makeup on other areas of your face, opt for micro-building your eyebrows, which looks more natural.

Use a lighter color shade than your eyebrows to prevent them from looking overly bold or dramatic. Apply the color in the direction of the hair growth and use micro-movements that mimic the look of real hair.

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