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How to Break Free of the Routine and Discover Self

How to Break Free of the Routine and Discover Self

A question arises at some point in everyone's life, and that question is, "Who am I?" Everyone knows the name that their parents gave them and the values, beliefs, and experiences that they got from those individuals. However, there's a whole separate person who exists outside of family, friends, bosses, spouses, community and so forth. Sometimes people don't get to explore and find out who they really are until later in life. They decide that they want to break free of the everyday routine and take a journey of self-discovery.

What Is a Self-Discovery Journey?

Some people may refer to a self-discovery journey as a "mid-life crisis," but it's not. It can happen at any time in life, but sometimes the need to break off from the little match box or soap box lifestyle doesn't happen until a person is middle aged. That's okay. A human being has right to take a self-discovery journey at any time. If you feel like you are at that point in your life, then it's perfectly acceptable for you to break free of the routine and branch off somewhere for deep wilderness therapy. Just do it. It may be the best decision you ever make in your life.

A self-discovery journey is an adventure during which you separate yourself from everyone that you know and have ever known, and you try to get to know the person inside of you who may not have ever gotten a chance to develop into an individual or express your individuality.

Types of Self-Discovery Journeys

You can create your own self-discovery journey and make your own rules because it's your thing. One common type of such journey is the wilderness journey type of adventure. The wilderness adventure usually takes place at a large campsite, lake site or rocky area. You can take these trips by yourself, or you can join a special program. The programs have certain agendas, and they base most of their activities on primitive living. If you don't want to go along with a script or a plan, and you don't want to be around other people, you can take the adventure alone. What you can do is rent a cabin or space that you can use to pitch a tent. The idea is to go to a secluded area where you will be alone with your thoughts and whatever types of materials that you want to have with you.

Activities and Processes

The activities that you do during your personal therapy will depend on your individual interests and beliefs. You could take a path of spiritual fulfillment, creative discovery, educational enrichment, defense training, nutrition and fitness strengthening or something different. Some of the activities that you can involve yourself in are: