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Top SEO Tips for Local Search Rankings

Top SEO Tips for Local Search RankingsLocal SEO is still one of the best ways for local businesses to gain visibility, build their local brand and generate new customers. However, more local businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of local search and the increasing competition is making it harder to rank on top for the competitive local searches. If you need advice on ranking on the top local search results, here are some tips that can help you.

1. Claim and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business helps you create listings that appear in the top local search results. It provides the users detailed listings if they've specifically searched for your business or a business similar to yours. For example, a search of pool builders in San Diego may display your business information if you've optimized for GMB properly. Search Engine Land has a quick primer on optimizing the GMB profile such as choosing the right category, adding lots of photos, adding operation times and more.

2. Ensure Proper On Page Optimization

Local businesses are still making mistakes with on page optimization even though it impacts 20.3 percent of your rankings. Most local businesses get the title right but make many other common mistakes. The title isn't compelling enough to get the click, their meta descriptions do not offer value to the user and their headers tags are often not optimized. They also have very thin content on their main page. In order to help Google figure out what your site is about, you need to use your target keywords and related keywords with a substantial amount of content.

3. Build Strong Customer Reviews

Moz's analysis on local search ranking factors found that reviews made up 13% of the ranking factors. Most local businesses struggle with getting customer reviews, so you want to come up with a strategy for collecting reviews. Try to come up with an in-store feedback program and follow up with new customers to ask fo