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5 Reasons to Wear Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry

5 Reasons to Wear Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry

Since its discovery in 1998 people were mesmerized by this rainbow looking gemstone. It is known for its many names: rainbow topaz, mystic topaz, fire topaz, Caribbean topaz, Alaskan ice, etc. This gemstone was discovered by Azotic Coating company that used a technique called chemical vapor disposition to create this rainbow looking stone. Basically, this is a natural topaz stone that received a thin titanium coating layer. As a result, we received one of the most beautiful, eye-catching gemstones that can be used as a setting in all jewelry.

From the first day when rainbow topaz jewelry hit the shelves of jewelry stores around the world, it is sold like hot cakes. Ladies love to wear this interesting gemstone as it looks stunning. Believe me, you will get tons of compliments from people you know (and accidentally stumble upon). When light hits this stone, it reflects through a spectrum of most majestic colors you have ever seen.

This stone is really abundant today and you may find jewelry pieces made from it in almost every store. One of the most interesting collections of mystic topaz rings and other jewelry that I have found is in AtPerrys online shop. Spend a few minutes there and you will find many interesting jewelry pieces. From rings to earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. You will see that mystic topaz has a pretty low price so most of the people can afford to wear this interesting gem.

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