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February Birthstones for Aquarius

February Birthstones for Aquarius

Persons born in February can choose from many gemstones to decide which on is best February birthstone for them. They should consider those stones that speak to them, that correspond with their personal traits. Moreover, people believe that gemstones actually pick their future wearer. 

Here is the list of all gemstones that are throughout human history selected as February birthstones

  • Amethyst - main February birthstone associated with Aquarius and Pisces
  • Bloodstone - Mystical gemstone
  • Turquoise - Planetary gemstone
  • Agate - Sun stone
  • Opal - Sun stone
  • Jasper - Talisman for Aquarius

Amethyst as main February birthstone

Throughout human history Amethyst was prized as one of the most popular gemstones for its beauty. Not that long ago it was prized as much as Ruby and Emerald. Once huge deposits were found, price of Amethyst dropped significantly. We can purchase it today at reasonable price since it is fairly abundant.

In fact, Amethyst is purple variant of the Quartz known for its hardness and durability. For centuries jewelers made rings, bracelets and earrings from this gemstone. People believe that this February birthstone can activate mind helping with clear thinking, intuition and calmness.  Also, it is believed that it can increase intelligence, protect from evil thoughts and enemies. 

Although long ago, people used it to ward off evil, protect themselves from black magic, witchcraft, protect solders in times of war and surprise attacks. Of course, people use it nowadays more for boosting their vitality, as helping stone after chemotherapy and protection for illness that is connected to lungs, pancreas and spleen.

Mystical February Gemstone - Bloodstone

Bloodstone is one of the most beautiful March birthstone that is mystical gemstone for February. It comes in a few different color variants from dark blue and green, with brown to red speckles giving this stone spots that look similar to blood. When taking this into account, we can understand why people called it Christ Stone in the past.

People loved to wear this gemstone for its healing properties. It is believed that it boosts enthusiasm. Since it is connected to the blood, it was used for improving circulation, helping with injuries and healing wounds. This stone will also boost courage and strength. 

Bloodstone is used for protection against all evil and traits, from verbal to non verbal. It is also used for stimulating mind processes, intuition, good dreams and with creative processes. People used it to clean their organs using Bloodstone therefore they believed that it detoxifies liver, bladder and kidneys.