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Interesting Crystals That People Often Buy

Interesting Crystals That People Often BuyFor the past few decades, we may see an increasing demand for pink gemstones. People are more interested in the color of the gemstone nowadays while in the past more attention was placed at gemstone type. Thankfully, many different gemstones actually come in pink color as well. Most interesting pink gems on the market are: Quartz, Sapphire, Topaz, Zircon, Pearls, Garnet, Opal, and Tourmaline.

Following article explains few gemstones in more details, their use in the jewelry industry, healing properties, and quality. When it comes to choosing the best gemstone for yourself you really need to decide what you want and what is your budget. Price of natural pink gems can be as low as few dollars per stone to more than $100.000 per carat for pink diamonds.

Pink Quartz

This is an interesting natural gemstone with an intense pink color that can range from translucent to transparent stone specimens. People associate them with love and romance, they are pretty affordable and abundant.

Pink Topaz

This gemstone is pretty new since it was invented in 1998. It is man-made gemstone through the process of thin filming the base of natural, low-quality stones. Because of this, we consider them as enhanced gemstones since the top of the gem is natural topaz stone.