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Does Vulnerability Equates to HAPPINESS???

Does Vulnerability Equates to HAPPINESS???

As a society, we tend to hide from being vulnerable. We are taught from an early age to be strong, be confident, to be anything but vulnerable. This thinking, however, is flawed.

Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage. It is not weakness.

When we are vulnerable, we are showing courage. We are thinking with our brains while also using our intuition. We are creating change and learning to adapt. We are, in the best sense, living. So, if we are afraid of being vulnerable, are we afraid of truly living?

In my years of practice, I have found that being vulnerable is also rooted in shame. Opening up ourselves to express ideas shouldn’t be shameful. Further, thinking that expressing our feelings makes us vulnerable to criticism and not growth is a twisted way of looking at things, but it doesn’t stop us from doing so.

Carl Jung calls shame “the swampland of the soul.” Shame drives us to think that we are not good enough for something or that we have done something bad.

Self-expression and shame, along with vulnerability, is a matter of culture and perspective in our minds, which is why I believe so many people have a hard time addressing the root of these issues.

What if we were to think about shame and vulnerability differently

What if we were brave enough to use our own vulnerability to move us toward success in life, business and with personal relationships? Changing our cultural upbringing by changing our thoughts on shame and vulnerability can and will change our perception and our approach.

For example, say you are battling alcohol addiction. No one aspires t