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8 Social Growth Tips & How to get the Most from Free Resources Online

8 Social Growth Tips & How to get the Most from Free Resources Online

Hi! I'm a Newbee to beBee with high aspirations. I thought my first article would be a wonderful chance to introduce myself and share with you a little of my knowledge since I am a stranger to you all right now! Here is how I used (and continue to use) free online tools to learn, grow and even land a few gigs.

At the end of May I parted ways with my 5-year employer. After a couple of health-leaves, it was time for me to move on. At the beginning on June, I moved from the big city of Montreal to the small city of St. Jerome, Quebec in the Laurentians. Unemployed with a new house and no car, in a city where French is the primary language for 98% of the population, you can bet I was shakin' in my boots and wondering if I made the right play. Then, I started watching Mr. Robot - okay, yeah I know, c'mon a TV show??? Seriously. This show made me realize how much information is really available to us... to anyone... and how, on a much smaller scale, I was not using the world wide web to my best advantage. So without further ado, I present to you my 8 Social Growth Tips that helped me jump-start my personal brand on LinkedIn within a 5 month period. I doubled my connection base in 2 months and got to the top 3% viewed profiles of professionals in the Social Media & Content Marketing field -- all using resources that Cost Me Nothing, Nada, Zero, Zilch.

8 Social Growth Tips & How to get the Most from Free Resources Online

1. Dedicate a fair amount of time to update and optimize your beBee profile. There are a ton of articles available on LinkedIn, beBee and Google that offers best practices and instruction on how to do it. Some Basics: Make sure your profile is complete and not missing any sections that pertain to your experience. You need a headline and a proper profile photo, it's that simple. Add all the text you can to your summary and pop a variety of keywords all around.

2. Start a Personal Campaign to expand your network base. Have you heard that you should only accept and send connections requests to people you know? That's baloney, even if it is advice straight from LinkedIn themselves. Use the LinkedIn search bar to its full potential and search on keywords to find like-minded people, companies and groups. Search for 'LION', which stands for LinkedIn Open Networker and join the groups. These are awesome people who are open to networking with anyone and will share their network with you. *Scam Alert: Watch out for sketchy profiles. Use your discretion and common sense. For beBee, it is easy to find Hives that suit every interest... more on beBee in a separate article coming soon!

3. Create a distinctive beBee, Facebook and/or Twitter page - whichever platform you like the best or do all three! Treat it like a company page and keep it consistent with your primary profile. Use the same photo with a similar header image (you can tweak your beBee version but keep it the same theme). The same rules apply for Facebook as for keeping your beBee profile up to date (Tip #1).

8 Social Growth Tips & How to get the Most from Free Resources Online

You may not have a job right now, but there are a ton of resources you can use to keep busy while you're waiting to hear back from positions you have applied for. I hate the waiting game, don't you? Stop waiting by the phone - Get online. Here's what to do.

4. This is a big one so pay attention. Take advantage of FREE TRIALS. For social media, marketing and graphic design fans you've got: Hootsuite, Canva.com, HubSpot, SproutSocial and more. For personal development: Lynda.com, MindTools, etc. For job-seekers: LinkedIn Job-Seeker Premium 30-day Free Trial (monthly fee required after 30 days) or beBee Jobs (always free, with high-level opportunities). If you are worried about having to provide your CC info to sign up for various free trials, do not fret. Two days or so before your trial is expected to end - mark it on a calendar or somewhere you won't forget, that way you avoid an unpleasant surprise on your next credit card statement when the trial ends. Make sure you know where to go on the website to downgrade or to cancel the trial, sometimes it is not evident, so knowing in advance sets peace of mind.

5. Familiarize yourself with online communication, conference and project management tools. Companies are using these tools more and more. It will help to know how they work and enable you to hit the ground running in your next career adventure. Popular hits to look up: Zoom, Screenmailer, Skype, GoogleApps (Gmail/Calendar/Docs/Sheets), Dropbox, Toodledo, Wrike, etc.

8 Social Growth Tips & How to get the Most from Free Resources Online

Remember, you are doing what YOU can. You are taking the reins on what YOU can control, so this should be feeling good for you right now. I leave you with my last 3 tips:

6. Follow beBee VIP's and Influencers that offer you value. It may seem cliche, but Influencers and 'Veteranbees' can teach, inspire and motivate you. 

7. Publish original articles on beBee if you are comfortable with writing. If writing is not your thing, no problem! You could choose to engage and interact with other people's buzzes! Re-purpose your work to a blog or to your Twitter/LinkedIn profile.

8. Watch Webinars! Webinars are amazing to generate networking opportunities with like-minded professionals. You learn and they are free. If you're not interested in the sales pitch that typically comes at the end, you can simply log out. Good ones that offer quality value make you feel productive for participating.

If you implement any one of these 8 suggestions, you are headed on the right track. I hope readers find value in these tips that have helped me in my journey and I hope they help you too.

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#3 Omg, thank you @Franci Eugenia Hoffman, that us a very generous offer. I consider you a Queen Bee (lots of knowledge) so that means a lot.

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#22 Thank you @Wayne Yoshida! We have also met on LinkedIn. I hope you enjoyed this article. :-)

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#24 Super happy you like Canva! It's definitely very cool & opens up a new door to creativity! :-)

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#19 You are so welcome @Juan Imaz. I am happy & proud to contribute to beBee. :-) I've definitely got more coming, and I've shared 2 other articles since this one, plus one that got published in Zen Living Magazine, woot!

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#23 Thank you so much @April Lynn @AprilinProgress! I appreciate the positive feedback! I'll admit, I pride myself on my upbeat tone that tends to come naturally!

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#24 YES! All of my background headers on my social profiles are created by me using Canva. It's actually fun, hehe. Canva is so great in that they don't make you start from scratch to distract your creativity. You can login and essentially go!

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#12 Wow! Canva is awesome, Emily. I just checked it out. I've been thinking about incorporating a uniform appearance. Canva should do the trick.
Thanks. Keep the hits coming!

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What a great share @Emily Forget (Newbee!). Love your tone of writing style, and Canva is a great tool! 🐝💤

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