Benefits of Investing in a Corporate Intranet

Benefits of Investing in a Corporate Intranet

In today’s era of digitization and economic downtown, organizations are seeking new ways to make their investments such as technological investment and companywide communication tool, which is the intranet. Many organizations fail to realize the value and potential of an intranet. Although there exists a hope that more techpruners will understand the value of intranet software to their organization, still it becomes a cause for concern. The studies have found that only 14% of the respondents consider SharePoint as a business critical. Now we can take advantage of the economic downturn and use the best intranet software as a competitive advantage to drive in improvements. This is done with the objective of boosting workforce productivity and business efficiency through seamless collaboration and communication. Although this is done there are two key challenges encountered by the organizations from a business perspective.

· With the ever-changing technology and collaborative business tools, it requires increasing effort to decide what will best suit your organization.

· Measuring the ROI of investing in these collab tech tools and checking whether it brings maximum ROI (Return on Investment)

Now let’s see how your organization quantify the returns by adopting mediums like intranet!

How the Benefits Outweigh the Cost?

We are now living in a world of SaaS, which means that solutions, which once cost thousands of dollars earlier, are now available as ‘Plug and Play’ offering, which are not simply affordable but also customizable according to your business requirements.

You save time, labor and cost in creating an intranet for your organization. You get an evergreen intranet, which is synced up, with all the latest tech updates and customized according to one’s preferences.

Some of the returns which we benefit with intranet- be it higher employee engagement, knowledge sharing, better data security, boosting employee morale is not seen directly reflected on the organization’s books of account-hence called soft returns. This often dissuades organizations from investing big money in a dynamic intranet.

1. Improves Employee Engagement

Employee engagement isn’t purely achieved through campaign telecommunications. An effective intranet can go a long way towards achieving an engaged workforce too. Encouraging users to use intranets and embed them in their day to day chores can prove challenging. It is the integration of relevant content and elegant design that will encourage employees to become users and ensures that the users are knowledgeable about and engaged with their employer.

2. Better Collaboration Platform

The digital world has provided the modern businesses with an abundance of collaboration and file sharing tools. The most significant advantage of SharePoint in the workplace is its ability to create communities within communities. It collaborates on your most important documents. It helps to organize your workflow and Receive Critical updates.

3. Self Service Feature in SharePoint

It is a time-consuming process in a large organization to put a request and get it serviced by the administration team. To work around this, the company can make use of SharePoint’s Self-service option. It converts the manual paper-based processes to software, which removes time lags and human errors. Now if your organization is struggling with process coordination and management, learn more about the SharePoint workflow solutions that fit your organization.

4. Returns through Time Savings

An intranet solution with a smart feature and a smooth employee focused interface, which facilitates collaboration, and communication holds the key to unlock greater productivity and cost saving related to time. The intranet also plays the role of a centralized destination for all the enterprise tools in the form of innovative business apps that can automate the various business process of the employees.

Due to better data accessibility, document management, and offsite connectivity, intranet saves a lot of time. Workers can function more productively, and be using a web browser to navigate an application is more intuitive, even for new employees. Better time management helps the employees to perform their job functions more proficiently and get more work done during the day. This brings to more money and cost efficiency for the business overall.

5. Returns through Cost Savings

The intranet nullifies the cost involved in printing, maintaining and storing of physical work documents. Using tech medium like intranet, the employees of the organization can access all the forms online. Use it to eliminate production and distribution costs of company manuals, such as the following:

· Employee handbooks

· Managerial guides

· Operating policies and procedures

· Training manuals

The records and contracts distributed to employees cost money in ink, paper, and human resources. These documents and any other employee information can be transferred to the business intranet. Employees and new hires are sent the intranet link in an email, which gives the employee and the human resource person a simpler approach to read and distribute critical organization information. Payroll documents can be viewed, and employees can sign up for benefits and insurance coverage more quickly on an intranet.

Now by keeping Aufait as a case in point, we build integrated, customizable and business-centric Sharepoint intranet solutions, which helps, run businesses smoothly. This completely obviates the need for organizations to rely on systems outside Sharepoint ecosystem by having the flexibility to integrate intelligent business tools. Therefore, by investing in an implementation or upgrade both the employees as well as the marketing leaders can benefit significantly.