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Emma's #MyFavoriteOutfit

Hello! My favorite outfit was from Friday (jean day at the office). I love being comfortable at the office as it helps me focus on my work. I hate having to adjust straps, shoes, or pants because they aren’t comfortable! This look is perfect to balance comfort, style, and function. Hope you like it, too!

This Friday, I chose a pair of high-waist dark wash jeans with a little bit of flare at the bottom. They are so soft! Dark wash is my go to for office wear as it blends well with my other office wear.

The striped mock neck tank is actually a body suit which is perfect because it NEVER comes untucked! I hate when shirts come untucked throughout the day as I stand, sit, and walk around. The cropped blazer pulls it all together and I rolled the sleeves up to give it a more relaxed look.

The necklace is from #LACLE adds a pop of color to match the turquoise earrings. La Cle offers a wide array of bright color pops to match your personality. I chose a simple tan suede wedge to bring it all together! The flare of the jeans needs a little heel to keep it from looking too casual. Cheers!

Emma's #MyFavoriteOutfitEmma's #MyFavoriteOutfit

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#1 Thanks so much!

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Love it!