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InteList – The Perfect Tool to Manage Your Jet.Com Listings

Slashing the product prices up to 10-15%, Jet.com started with a bang and has emerged as the 4th largest marketplace within months of its inception. The eCommerce platform has over 400,000 new customers joining every month and has inventoried over 12 million products. The figures look amazing right?

Despite of its real-time price saving solutions and smart shipping options, which has struck a chord with the shoppers and encouraged sellers to sell on jet.com, it has lacks a product listing tool. Businesses are hiring developers to build an eCommerce API solution for Jet.com that allows them to list their products on this upcoming eCommerce platform.

But we have already come up with a solution to that – InteList!

InteList – The Perfect Tool to Manage Your Jet.Com Listings

What is InteList?

InteList is a product listing API for Jet.com. After you install InteList, you will be capable of handling orders, managing inventory and listing data efficiently. Apart from all the basic functionalities, InteList provides many additional features, like allowing sellers with price modulation, and performance reporting system and customer insights.

What All Can Be Done & Managed Through InteList?

With InteList as your listing API, the store owner can manage following things:

Create and Manage Listings

1. With InteList, you can bulk list your SKUs on Jet.com marketplace in any feed format.

2. You can add, edit, archive, delete, re-list sold/unsold items in bulk i.e. Schedule listings easily. Additionally, you can personalize pricing and shipping attributes for products, product descriptions, enable shipping exclusions and much more.

3. You can mass upload your images on InteList.

4. With InteList, it’s easy to manage categories, and parent-child products.

Manage Order Inventory & Customer Data

1. Manage customer orders, shipping, item tracking and delivery confirmation.

2. Browse through orders using numerous filters viz. keywords, tags, warehouse location, SKUs, package and order views, custom tagging system  etc.

3. Automatic inventory update

Get performance reports & Customer Insights

1. Manage performance reports through an interactive dashboard (using scheduler)

2. Optimize your inventory with granular SKU level reports detailing bestselling/slow-moving products.

3. Understand customer behavior using retail KPIs

4. Sellers and online store merchants can request settlement reports for shipped items in a defined period.

5. Export your raw data to a CSV file.

How to Sell On Jet?

Do you already have a store on other eCommerce platforms but are unfamiliar with the selling terms on Jet.com? Here’s the step-by-step procedure to help you do so.

#1- Create a Jet partner account after properly reviewing the Jet Retail Partner Agreement and Policies on Jet.com. Within 1-2 weeks, you will get a reply from Jet team.

Note: During the registration process, in the section where you have to fill in "How you will connect with JET marketplace?" select the 'other' option and type 'InteList.'

#2- The day you get the approval, you’ll need to make an InteList account on www.intelist.net

#3- InteList support team will help you manage and upload your product inventory on Jet.com

#4- You are expected to get back a reply within 1-4 weeks from Jet regarding the confirmation of your listings. When they go live, you can manage your orders and inventory through InteList.

Start selling on Jet right away!

Drop a mail at info@intelist.net if you are unsure on how it works!

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