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Top Reasons You Have to Get This Dental Night Guard

If you clench or grind during the night or day it will cause damage to your teeth, without you even realizing it. You can wake up in the morning and find your jaw and teeth hurt not knowing why. With your normal dental appointment, the dentist can assess your teeth, as well as inform you about signs that might show if you clench and grind your teeth. If the dentist has a suspicion that you clench or grind your teeth, he/she might recommend that you wear a dental night guard during the night.

Top Reasons You Have to Get This Dental Night Guard

It will help to protect your jaw and teeth from developing any dental troubles. Symptoms that are most generally found with grinding or clenching are headaches early mornings that you can’t explain, receding gum lines and sensitive teeth. Additionally, you may have cracked teeth, worn out teeth, and also numerous additional ailments.

Regrettably, it won’t be likely that you can stop clench and grind of your teeth at night on your own accord. Wearing your night guard can take some time getting used to it, but remember it’s removable and not really uncomfortable.

About a dental night guard

You can place the night guard in your mouth on your teeth in order to assist with clenching and grinding. Grinding actually may imply that you move your jaw backward and forward, and with clenching it means that you bite down very hard on your teeth for a long time.

The guard will act like a shielding layer in between the bottom and top teeth. These devices are sometimes also called bite splints, occlusal guards, or occlusal splints. Night guards are generally made from plastic. It is placed either over certain or all your lower or upper teeth.

Most of the time these guards cover just the upper teeth. However, if you have braces your dentist will make guards for the bottom teeth as well. Night guards reinstate your usual space between your teeth to shield the teeth against clenching or grinding together. Doing so can crack and chip the teeth, as well as straining the muscles of your jaw.

Night guards won’t stop the grinding or clenching, but it will provide the teeth with a cushion and it can be better to wear the guard down instead of the teeth. Plus, your partner and you will be able to sleep better.

The reason you should wear night guards?

The purpose of night guards is to protect your teeth from clenching or grinding, putting a strain on your jaws and teeth during the night.

It’s typically called bruxism and it might occur if you are under stress or when you sleep. It’s quite common and many people have this problem.

You might not know that you do it, but your dentist can confirm it with your next appointment.

Grinding and clenching can cause your teeth to lose the protective enamel outer layer. Allowing bacteria to grow.

The enamel can’t be replaced and it will cause all kinds of oral damage including cavities.

Make sure to wear your night guard if you have one

Your night guard doesn’t help anything if you don’t wear it during the night. It’s there to prevent damage caused with clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep. If you don’t wear it consistently, it doesn’t mean a thing. When it feels uncomfortable to wear your dental night guard, you can ask the dentist to adjust the guards when you go and see him/her again.

Custom night guards vs. store-bought

You can buy a basic night guard at the grocery or drug store, which won’t be as expensive as a custom-made guard. Nonetheless, buying a store-bought guard will be better as when you don’t have one at all, but it can be less comfy and bulkier. The dentist can custom-make your guard to fit perfectly in your mouth, thus, making it easier and more comfortable to wear when you sleep.

You shouldn’t let cost discourage you from getting a necessary night guard

Remember the importance of your oral health, when considering a custom-made night guard to prevent damage to your gums or teeth. Clenching or grinding can damage your teeth very badly and be the cause of lots of other problems.

So, if you have a problem of clenching or grinding, don’t wait any longer, make an appointment with your dentist immediately and change your life.