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5 Easy DIY Ideas to Re-decorate Your Home this Summer

Making something nice for our home is always very exciting and fun. As I am very passionate about re-decorating my home every now and then, I always keep an eye on latest DIY videos or post and try them whenever I can manage some time. So here are some simple and easy ideas for you to give your home a personal touch.

Boring Glasses? Let's Paint Them

The unused or boring white glasses of your home can be a great canvas. You can choose all the bright colours and paint them all with your favourite designs, flowers, birds or anything you want.

5 Easy DIY Ideas to Re-decorate Your Home this Summer


1. Gesso (powder + glue), 

2. Glass paint (of course), 

3. Colour Plate, 

4. Brush.


  • Take some gesso (powder + glue) to prepare the glass surface. Add a base colour with gesso on a colour plate, take a brush (can be small or large totally depends on the area you want to paint) and mix it well.
  • First, colour the surface area. Put a few thin layers and leave the glass for 30 minutes to dry. 
  • Then select your desired colours and brushes to paint whatever you want. Keep them aside overnight to dry. These pieces of art can look really great in your living room.

Summer Fruit Coasters

Summer means full of tropical fruits with lots of refreshment. I feel revived just by looking at them. If you spared cork coasters or find them in any shop you can make awesome fruit coasters with it.

Image Source: http://www.designisyay.com


1. All you need is round cork coasters, 

2. Different colours, 

3. Some paint brushes.


  • Take the cork coasters and shape them as you want.
  • You can paint anything you want like watermelon, kiwi, orange, dragon fruit etc. Black, white, red, orange, green, yellow are some of the basic colours. You don’t have to buy all the colours if you can make colours by mixing one with the other. 
  • You can mix red, white and yellow for the watermelon centre. Mix green with white for the kiwifruit colour. 
  • You better start working on the dark colours first. Because it’s simple to include darker colours than lighter ones.

Make Your Room a Fairyland with Lanterns

Fairy lights are extremely trendy these days. These lights can simply bring an extra dimension to your room if you can show some creativity. You can make beautiful lanterns with those lights.

Image Source: http://splashofsomething.com


1. You will need some balloons, 

2. Plastic drop cloth, 

3. Scissors, 

4. Twine, 

5. Cotton Yawn, 

6. Basic White Glue,

7. Cornstarch, 

8. Warm water, 

9. Spray paint(fast-drying), 

10. White or Blue fairy lights or twinkle lights.


  • Blow up the balloons to your desired size (the size you want to make your lanterns). 
  • Draw a circle (large enough to place the lights) on the top of the balloons. 
  • Lay a plastic drop cloth over the work surface and set up a place where your balloons can dry(can be a shower bar). 
  • Mix glue and cornstarch with hot water in a container. Mix them well until the lumps are gone. 
  • Then cover the balloons with petroleum jelly. 
  • Coat the twines with the glue mixture until they are fully coated. 
  • Start draping it around the balloon. Drape some twines vertically some horizontally as you like to a comfortable tightness. 
  • Once the balls are wrapped as you wanted, use a twine to suspend it from the shower bar.
  • Dry the balls for 24hrs and then pop the balloons. 
  • Spray a fast-drying colour and insert the lights after sometimes.
  • Connect them to a power source and then see the magic. You can also buy these stuff from Amazon if you want.

Paint the walls

Is your wall colour looks dull and boring? Wanna bring some new dimensions to it? Painting your own wall can be the coolest thing ever. Make it a canvas and show your creativity to the world.


1. Paint (can be your favourite colour or the colour that perfectly goes with your room), 

2. Metallic glaze, 

3. Stickers,

4. A sponge, 

5. Rolling applicator.


  • Apply a coat of paint on your wall with the rolling applicator. 
  • Pour a little bit of glaze in a plastic plate. 
  • Make sure that your sponge is damp and workable. 
  • Dab the sponge into the maze and dab it on the wall messily. 
  • Make sure you don’t dab too much on the same spot and make it look like blobs on the wall. That’s pretty much everything you need to do to give a really nice metallic shade on the wall. 
  • There are lots of stickers of many designs available in the market. All you have to do is to set those stickers on the wall and paint on them. 
  • Then remove it and see those designs are painted on the wall. Just select the colours wisely and see the transformation. You can find lots more designs on Pinterest for a great makeover. Well, best of luck.

Paper Crafts is Always Classy

Origami is the thing we have been doing since childhood. It will never get old-fashioned or outdated. It's one of the easiest ways to decorate your room with. There are tons of ideas out there but I am sharing one of my favourite and easy idea with you guys today.


1. Colorful construction paper, 

2. Glue/Tape, 

3. Scissor, 

4. Pencil, 

5. Ruler.


  • Let’s make some butterflies. I have seen them sold in stores but they are super easy to make. First, make an outline of a butterfly of your preferable size on a thin paper. 
  • Cut the butterfly through the line and fold it vertically. 
  • Take some construction papers and cut it into small square pieces. 
  • Fold them vertically and place the butterfly on one side. 
  • Make an outline and cut it through. 
  • Use some double-sided tape and stick them to your wall the way you want. 
  • Different sizes and shapes can make those butterflies look more real.

I really enjoy doing these DIY’s with children or sometimes all by myself. For those who are really horrific at creativity or making things, well don’t worry guys. There are loads of online shops or painting services in Sydney to help you out. Your imagination and their creativity can make your home look wonderful.

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