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Make Your “Christmas In July” The Yummiest With These Exotic Flavours!

Make Your “Christmas In July” The Yummiest With These Exotic Flavours!

It’s July. It’s not any ordinary month of the year. It’s our very own Christmas time. It’s the "Christmas in July". It’s a yummy time of the year. Let’s make it the yummiest. And none other than an exotic flavour can make it the most scrumptious one.

Innovation seems mere simple for the experiments running on for new foods and beverage products launch. As today’s consumers are mostly looking for better-for-me products. Their tailor-made desire is running higher day by day.

In response to the ever-changing flavour and taste, here presenting some of the most exotic flavours to celebrate your “Christmas In July”. Give it a try rather being dizzy in the variety of foods and flavours.

Inspiring Floral

Flower or Floral flavours are pretty new to ingest at Christmas in July. It’s really popping up now and making a way to our food and beverages. Adorable and healthy baked products like dairy free, vegan and delicious gluten free puddings from Pud For All Seasons are spreading the floral fragrance. Even our tasty treats like ice cream and yoghurt are getting in.

Smokey Charcoal

Smoking is the new grilling, that’s what Barbeque Bible features. Fire roasting is also dominating the food preparation now. When the turkey is wrapped up, that created the most desirable delicacy of your Christmas. Roasted, nutty and stuffed!

Choco Comfort

Nothing can beat the comforting warmth that a choco flavour creates. Who wouldn’t jump up at the name of chocolate? Though healthy food is the new in. These comfort flavours go large at this period of the year. Indulge in and get into the Christmas spirit.

Splashing Brandy

Sitting in front of the crackling fire and seeping wine is excellent. Yet slow cooked meal with a touch of brandy may do the magic of the day. It’s the picture-perfect setting for the Christmas in July. You can’t go past that flavours and aromas.


These are the most fun flavours. As they are the flashback of our childhood and fond memories. All time classic flavours are making their way to return back in an unprecedented way. It’s turning as a remix of nostalgia for our palate. Yum!

Spicy Seasoning

Spice flavour assortment can be used in various ways. Dairy and baked goods are getting a gourmet makeover with spicy seasoning experiments and innovations. Globalisation and multicultural are paving the path for new and exciting flavours.

Fruity Fresh

With a rich bite of the Fruit tart, get more comfort with fruity freshness. It complements a gluten free Christmas puddings as well. A rich and yummy fruit trifle can give you finger licking feel. Is not it the best part in the cold and Christmas?

These unique and exciting flavours would please the special affinity of festive meals. Floral fragrance or spicy punch, any one of them is more than enough to make your day. That would not create an out of place ambience at all.

As July is nearby. All our favourite flavours are blooming around us. Christmas is getting more delicious with these exotic flavours and foods. Try any of this as a new and better version of Christmas. Blast the tune right now!

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