New Way To Bond With Your Children I absolutely LOVE this site and highly recommend for your learning tools for all ages, from pre-school- high school students. This site has help me as a mother, with the abilities to learn to teach as I never had the experience teaching one of my own children the way I would like to. It comes with tools such as; teaching guide, worksheet, games, and workbook at a very low cost. Prior to that, this site will offer you a free trail while deciding if this will be a good fit for you and your children. I found it very helpful to be involved with your children education and see the AMAZING look on their face while learning new materials and learning their ABC and number with confident. I find it great when I heard offer some learning games and that's when I realized this is perfect! My children love to play games which it will make education that much more funner for both parents and children to have that connection by building trust with them. I hope you'll enjoyed it as much as we do.