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3 Ways Content Marketing Has Changed Dramatically

If you produce content on the internet, you may have noticed the competitiveness of blogs trying to outdo each other by producing the best content around.

It's almost impossible to compete with the big dogs, like Entrepreneur, Forbes and Huffington Post, who put out 10 to 30 articles a day.

So, how does the small time blogger compete with the big dogs?

1. Be Authentic. Tell your unique story and how you overcame a certain obstacle. The more you talk within a specific niche, the tighter the connection will be with that particular reader. People are craving authenticity. Be real. Be vulnerable and you will attract people just like you who need help with their problems.

2. Be to the Point. It's harder than ever to keep people on your blog longer than a minute. You want to hold their interest by making your content easy to read. Add bullet points for every point you make. Create a list. Start your article names with odd numbers, like "7 Ways to Cook a Tofu Burger." Add a couple photos and maybe a video at the end. This will keep people on your site longer.

3. Provide value. The more you help people, the more people will be willing to work with you or pay you. Helping people also feels good, rather than just talking about yourself. Find a problem you know how to fix and write about it.

I hope this helps. To read more about content, check out: How Content Writers and Bloggers Benefit from Short Attention Spans.

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Good, engaging content is the King! :)

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