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Successful Pinterest Advertising

Successful Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is yet another social media platform advertisers are getting their feet wet in. There are a few tips for how to be successful in Pinterest advertising.

Pinterest seems to be the land of endless DIYs, recipes, ideas and inspiration. Tons of people use it every day to discover new things and create boards of all their likes. Though the site has been used mostly for how-tos, it is an excellent platform for advertising. All marketers should know a few things about Pinterest, in order to create a successful campaign.


Keywords have been very helpful in the past to get your campaigns noticed on Google and other search engines. They are also very important when it comes to Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can choose up to 150 keywords for your pin. It isn’t recommended you stuff your pin with exactly that amount. It could result in a low click through rate and low conversions. A good start number for campaigns is about 30-40 keywords. From there you can expand or reduce the amount you use, depending on your campaign’s success.

Keep in mind that keyword matching on Pinterest is still on the broad side. Use keyword suggestions from Ads Manager and Pinterest’s guided search to help you choose broad pins that will get your content noticed.


Pinterest is all about the visuals. People will click on a pin they find cool or pretty or yummy. You need your visuals to get noticed. The best way to do this is by having a vertical pin. Vertical pins will take up more space on a user’s screen. It’s more than okay if the page needs to be scrolled, in order view the entire pin. The user will have more time exposure to the pin.

Remember to also keep the image aesthetically pleasing. Don’t sound too much like you’re trying to sell something in your calls to action, and don’t include the calls to action in your visuals.