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Twitter Update: Improved Character Limit

Twitter Update: Improved Character Limit

Copywriters across the globe can celebrate! Twitter has officially released the improved character limit. Twitter announced the change a few months ago and we were anxiously waiting the day when images, GIFs, videos, and polls wouldn’t count against you in the character count. Businesses are now able to take advantage of the character limit and create a more meaningful message.

Most platforms have shifted their content to favor visuals and Twitter is no exception. Videos and GIFs are becoming more important to the social network, so the change falls in line with that behavior. Users will be able to easily attach media to tweets, without losing precious character space. The only downside to this update is that links that are not used to pull up a media attachment, such as an image, still count towards character count.

The improved character limit updates don’t end here, Twitter is now working on saving tweet space by moving “@” Twitter handles outside of the tweet box. We’ve rounded up a few ways to take advantage of the update:

  • Increase your explanation. Once the twitter handles are moved outside of the tweet box, you’ll be able to increase what you’re saying. This will ensure that the other user will understand your message.
  • Utilize visuals. Twitter reported that photos receive an average increase of 35% in Retweets and videos receive an average of 28% increase. Now that you can include these visual images without sacrificing character space, you have room to share more copy. Marketers have the opportunity to include beautiful visual images and videos
  • Quote yourself. If users wanted to continue a thought from a previous tweet, they originally had to respond back to that tweet. Now, they can quote their first tweet and continue the thought in the same message.