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Attributes of a Manager

Attributes of a Manager

We are hearing a lot about management, administration, leadership, and great managers. What type of attributes would be associated with a great manager or leader? Thinking about such an individual, that ideal person who was selected as Manager of the year. What professional trait did that person possess and displayed? What motivated people to choose such an individual for that nomination as Manager of the Year at the end of the company’s fiscal year? What’s the reason most associates though that manager stands out beyond his/her peers? The reasons why most associates would like that person to be their boss. What kind of attributes would associates be looking for in such a person? Innovation and progress within an organization start with good management.

(*) A great manager should be a great communicator, listener, one who greets associates on arrival at work, capable of conflict resolution, and a problem solver.

(*) A person who creates career paths for his subordinates and guide them along that path by preparing them for future advancement within the organization.

(*) A person who delegates authority so others can learn and not MICRO-MANAGE.

(*) A person who accepts responsibility, correct situations immediately through training, and not resort to punishments. Punishments should be of last resort.

(*) A person who relays information to their subordinates so that they can make informed decisions.

(*) A person who appraises and give full credit for good performances and not be eager to claim


(*) A person who compensate their subordinates for great achievements and performances.

(*) A person who socializes with their employees during work, lunch, or Vendor held functions.

(*) A person who helps his/her employees with personal problems and has the integrity to keep all conversations private.

(*) A person who is willing to accommodate any employees during an emergency.

(*) A person who holds people accountable for job performances (ACCOUNTABILITY).

(*) A person who is accommodating to associates by showing tolerance, respect, and humility.

(*) A person who is geared towards productivity through training, education, and apprenticeship.

(*) A person who respects their subordinates, not to be humiliating them, creates a comfortable environment, and be able to create an acceptable work-life balance.

(*) A person who takes time out to be engaged with subordinates intellectually regarding company issues, policies, their vision of the organization, and their future prospect.