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Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - Freeware

Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - Freeware

Freeware refers to free software, that is, those programs that can be distributed without a transaction involving money in any way.

Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera

Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - Free software has existed since the beginning of computer science, but its development has been driven by the heyday of the internet in recent decades. In this way, today it is possible to find a large number of applications of all kinds that can solve a large number of everyday problems. However, freeware must be distinguished from the so-called open source software, although we will see that both concepts are deeply interrelated, with open source software being a source for the development of free programs.

Freeware as an option

There are two clear trends regarding the development of the software we use every day. One of them, the best known of all, is that corresponding to programs that require the possession of a license for its use; These types of programs are usually developed by companies of all types, some of which have a large scale.

Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - On the other hand, there are a large number of projects that are intended to give the public programs that are distributed free of charge. In the latter case, it can be used to promote a version of the software with greater possibilities, a kind of older brother; in other cases, it can be used so that the organization that develops the software in question can then sell services associated with it; Finally, there is the selfless contribution of a huge number of people who develop their capacities from creating solutions to different problems that arise in the community.