Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - Web Design

Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - The web design serves for much more than to give a "face lift" to a page, or, as they say, to make it look pretty. One thing does not remove the other. Of course, nobody wants to have an ugly website, much less an old-fashioned page.

Elements that a few years ago were novel in web design today are obsolete. Fashion happens (some come back), and the Internet is the place where everything happens more quickly.

Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - Web Design

Therefore, if we are asked (or asked) what a web designer is, another possible answer is that of someone who is up to date with regard to trends, not only in terms of creating pages, but also in terms of colors, styles, fashions, etc.

With a quality web design that combines image and efficiency, we get a comfortable user experience, which translates into a longer stay in the navigation in order to find what you are looking for without having to go to another page; In short, look for our products or services on the pages of the competition.

Ways to design and program web pages There are many programs that can be useful for designing web pages without having an in-depth knowledge of this profession. However, the result, of course, is not the same as if done by a web designer. 

Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - Many web page publishers such as WordPress come with predesigned templates that already include their own design. But nobody wants their website to be the same as others. It is here where the design of web pages makes a difference, creating personalized websites and fully optimized for browsing and to position in the top positions of search engines.

If we settle for predesigned formats, we are facing a conventional web page design, and we cannot ask for anything beyond what is offered to us. If, on the contrary, we want our page to be unique, attractive, easy to use, then we will have to opt for a professional web design.