Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - Web engineering process

Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - Web engineering process

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Esteban Camilo Valbuena Balaguera - The web engineering process

Has its characteristics such as immediacy and continuous transformation and growth, which allows the user to get involved, facilitating the development of products that fit much what it seeks and needs.

The most outstanding steps of the web engineering process: enunciation, planning analysis, modeling, page generation, test and client evaluation.

The Formulation determines goals and sets the relevance of the first delivery.

The Planning generates the estimate of the overall cost of the project, the risk assessment and the development calendar and delivery dates.

Esteban Valbuena -The Analysis determines the requirements and identifies the content.

Modeling consists of two parallel sequences of tasks. One is the design and production of the content that is part of the application. The other, in the design of architecture, navigation and user interface.

The Master in Web Engineering is the specialization of engineers in the area of ​​Web technologies.

Web Engineering graduates are trained, with extensive training in the competences of Computer Engineering, providing them with the managerial skills necessary for decision-making in the business and institutional environment in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment such as Web.