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The next day, January 6th, the DAKAR begins in Bolivia one of the most prestigious races on wild, rough and wild terrains, ending on the 20th, in Argentina. 

For desde el desierto con glamour, the world of the motor, and especially, the tests by the desert, is a source of inspiration. 


The DDG collections are inspired by their maps, the desert colors and the passion for style. In this new DDG fashion season we launched our "DAKAR" skirt following with our brand image fabric. We know that, betting on a total look on the map, may seem risky, but every designed garment takes its preparation time in pattern, both in materials and the important study of the body, in this case female. In this way, we get strong designs but with an enveloping design to get the most out of any figure. Both in clothing, as for the manufacture of our sportswear

For the first time, the Off Road fashion mixes design and utility thanks to the designs of Eva Tesso, responsible for the brand and who has been inspired by the collection in her innumerable trips through the African savannah knowing in depth the needs of this group

In a global world, it is easy for DDG to adapt their designs, also inspired by the universe, evoking medieval eras, heroines of legend and strong women with serezade spirit and true tales of the Arabian Nights. The DDG work study is a temple to develop and offer a desert of glamour