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CO-CREATING: CATERING TO YOUR AUDIENCENow more than ever people seek authentic conversations.  Stale web content and templates just don't cut it!

When was the last time you asked someone to have a second set of eyes on whatever you wrote, an email, a proposal, grant or web content?  Are you bored with your own content?   

Co- creating with a writing coach renews your energy, keep you excited about your "why"! 

You will have the advantage of immediate consumer feedback, learn how others perceive you, in your country or differing cultures.  These are exciting times. In my aerobics class the instructor said last Monday, the third in January, is noted as the upswing after the sluggish after-holiday grind.

I often co-create with techies before they submit a proposal.  Two extra hours reviewing a significant proposal elevates their brand and deepens relationship.  At the core is illustrating that the content reflects that the professional who prepares the proposal understands the reader/decision-maker's perspective. 

If editors need editors, why wouldn't one with vested interest in a proposal, cover letter or first impression in article submissions, seek a second set of eyes?   

I have a passion for elevating other's writing.   I often co-create with other coaches understanding their client base and helping them reach a level of authenticity.  We accomplish this through sharing pages, editing as we speak on the Zoom platform or meeting them onsite where content can be strengthened and polished, come alive as we speak.  Again, the best part of this writing experience sparks excitement about the project.   Discovering a different word or angle, ensuring that the content is action oriented just happens from the first line.

If you are puzzled at what's not getting the results you would like, I would love to talk with you in a free 30-minute consultation.  I love to work with global colleagues.  

Evelyn Asher is a strategic communication coach who lives in North Georgia where her small forest of pines frames sunsets.  She is currently cataloging her poems about the courage of immigrants for her newest collection. evelynasher@charter.net