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40, now what?

40, now what?

No worries, I am not coming up with some over the top philosophical truth about age and how it is not important (because it simply is in so many ways).

Instead of concentrating on the downsides (yes, there are), it makes much more sense to think of some of the great things, when turning 40 (or at whatever age you are realizing the importance of the following):

- Accepting: Not everybody likes me (I just care less now or have at least managed to stop my tendency to overthink the “why” etc.)

- Choosing: Quality over Quantity (people in your life etc.)

- Moderating: finally, I actually think before I talk

- Changes: It is true, nothing is constant but change

- Listening: somewhere in my 30ies (let´s say late 30ies) I eventually understood the importance of listening, being young means not to listen. It means knowing everything until knowing you don´t

- Accepting failures in your life, even the big ones. DOT

- Realizing, that eventually you are not the center of the universe 

In the last months my mind has been quite busy with my upcoming 40iest (probably a “being the center of the universe syndrome), until one of my senior hiring managers said to me: 40 is the age you can sit back, cross your arms and just be ok. So relax!

Javier 🐝 beBee 21/8/2016 · #2

40s are the best ones for sure LOL

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Mamen 🐝 Delgado 19/8/2016 · #1

Welcome to the wonderful decade!!! For sure the best one for me till the moment, soon I will be saying the same about the 50ies... 😉🎉

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