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Into the hot balloon and out of the comfort zone!

Into the hot balloon and out of the comfort zone!

I admit, usually I am too careful, often too afraid and surely too comfortable to take certain steps out of the comfort zone (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-much-do-we-really-need-step-out-our-comfort-zone-evelyn-kloetzer?trk=mp-reader-card)

However, I also think that it´s a great learning to take the risk from time to time, always when it is something that the individual itself wants to do without any pressure from the outside. When it’s a goal or objective that you have set for yourself.

So, I have always dreamed of a balloon ride, but never really thought it through as I wouldn’t do it anyway. Until my friends have organized a balloon ride for me, the most awesome birthday present ever (Thanks Lara Gonzalez). So, no way back from there!

Yesterday was the day and what can I say. Yes, I was extremely scared at takeoff, even more than I thought but controlled myself thinking: well, I am in here now, I can´t leave so I´d better deal with this as good as I can. Surprisingly (or maybe not), it was an extremely amazing experience. Scary until the end, yes, but the longer it took, the less afraid I was and much more important, I was able to enjoy the beauty of a balloon ride. No one can take away the experience of floating through a big white cloud! Even with a more exciting landing than planned it was all very funny and entertaining.

Eventually I can say I have overcome this particular fear and might even repeat it one day!

What´s your most meaningful situation where you had to take a step out of your comfort zone?