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Seinfeld: Where Are They Now?

Seinfeld: Where Are They Now?

Seinfeld has cemented itself as one of the greatest comedies in television history. With nine seasons, dozens of catchphrases and memorable, whacky characters, the show has managed to stick with us even after all these years. A huge amount of the show’s success is owed to the series’ tremendous cast. The four, quirky, self-centered, New Yorkers truly made the show special. Although they were huge stars at the time, not all celebrities have managed to stay relevant. This got me thinking, what is the main cast of Seinfeld up to these days?

Jerry Seinfeld

It seems appropriate that we would start with the show’s star, Jerry. Before the show took off and launched Jerry into a world of stardom, he was simply a comedian that made a living on late-night talk shows. After the show, he blew up and hasn’t looked back since. Although he hasn’t created another project as large as Seinfeld, he now hosts a moderately successful web series titledComedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Seinfeld also managed to strike a deal with popular video-streaming service Netflix for a new season of the show. Seinfeld is also revered as a comedy legend, and is still one of the world’s highest paid comedians.

Jason Alexander

Jerry’s best friend on the show, George Costanza, was played by Jason Alexander. But what has he been doing since then? Well, he’s still been quite active in the entertainment industry, however, none of them leading roles in large productions. Instead, he has opted for smaller parts in a variety of films and television shows. He has also starred in several successful plays, includingThe Producers and A Christmas Carol. And here’s a quick fun fact, he is a master poker player, having appeared on several televised poker tournaments.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The only female character in the series’ main cast, Julia Louis-Dreyfus added a certain flair and spunk that only her character, Elaine Benes, could provide. Since the show’s conclusion in 1998, Louis-Dreyfus has managed to find her way as the star of a variety of television shows, most notably CBS’ The New Adventures of Old Christine and HBO’s hit show Veep. Because of her long list of accolades and contributions to the world of comedy and entertainment, Louis-Dreyfus was named one of Time Magazine’s most influential people in the world in 2016.

Michael Richards

Cosmo Kramer. The name is instantly recognizable to anybody familiar with the series. Often cited as the show’s most likeable character, Richards, much like the rest of the principal cast, blew up into stardom. However, since the show’s end, Richards has not been too active. He would occa