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The Wait

So you sit and you tell yourself it's gonna be alright. You will get past this phase. It's a trying time in our life and we need to wait it out. You tell yourself that you are strong and this cloud of testing will soon fade away and there will be sunrise. A new day filled with new opportunities that will bring you the promises of life ! It's on its way.

This is what I call " The Wait"

Now there is nothing wrong in having this motivational talk with ourselves. I do it time and again.  But what are we actually doing ?

We mentally wait for the sun to actually rise. Remain in that position/situation that draws out more positive energy from us.Like a leech !  It's like being in a funeral house and you can't do nothing but mourn or feel sad for the loss of someone dear. It's like falling in a mud puddle and waiting for the rains to come and wash you off.

I think you get the message . 

The Wait was something man-made ! 

We created this so we need to plan and act the minute we find ourselves in "The Wait" phase of our life. 
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The  Wait

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Identify :

See what's going wrong and why did you end up in that situation in the first place. 

From the ground you stand to the things around you ; scrutinize the people around.  Anyone or anything could have lead you where you are.

Plan :

See what needs to change and what will move you from this place that your stuck in. The sun will rises only in the morning you can't stay in sinking sand just because it's night time.


Develop from the negatives. Capture the place you want to be in like a happy picture in your mind. Remember you were given this life because You are worth it !

Forgive :

Forgive yourself , the people and the things that put you in that situation. You don't want to carry that burden of unforgiveness in your heart. We need to leave behind all the negativity that led you to this phase.


Feel the feeling ! Experience the feelings that will arise if you reach the place you want to be. Imagine and mentally experience that emotion even before it happens. It should be THE way to trigger your brain to think of only the positives that will lead you to the Goal. The place you want to be is just away from you, draw it closer mentally and emotionally. 

Move :

This is the most important part of "The Wait" phase. You need to analyse the results that will be a consequence of that move. The people and things that will be present in the new place. You need to know that there will be no hurt or damage created as a consequence of the move . Happiness and satisfaction should be the target. It should be a place where your self-value , self-determination and self-confidence increases. It should become the your sunshine place.

This buzz -  dedicated to all the lovely people who doubt themselves time and again. As a result get into " The Wait" phase and end up waiting for the sunshine . 
I believe we are the sun that needs to Shine to bring out that Sunshine in our lives. 
We are the colors to our rainbow.
Don't subject yourself to more pain, dissatisfaction as a result of failure to self-realization. 
Get moving all my amazing people out there !
I am my sunshine
I am my rainbow
I am my motivation
I am my All
I shine bright like the sun "
Someone not so famous - Fatima Williams

Stay awesome! You bees are doing a fantabulous job buzzing and dancing around.

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Roy Daggs 7/1/2017 · #46

You is delicious girl

🐝 Fatima Williams 4/1/2017 · #45

#44 Thank you @Dean Owen Now that's a fantastic way of looking at this positively. Take pauses but don't wait. Euphoric Thinking 🤗🤗🤗

Dean Owen 4/1/2017 · #44

I keep missing your articles! (Hurry beBee team, we need the sting function!) Definite difference between a wait and a pause. I do like to take my pauses once in a while (like taking a year off when I was 30, and then again when I was 40), but I hate waiting for life to happen. I don't have to wait long for your next article fortunately as I spotted it in my feed just now. See you there!

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🐝 Fatima Williams 14/12/2016 · #43

#42 This great experience that you share with us Preston about being in the Wait phase and not taking any action is a lesson you learnt and then you adapt yourself to intiate the action needed. We need to move before its too late. We need to act.
I love this phrase, "You need to Build your Plane while your Learning to Fly it.” Building our Dream or achieving our Vision can have better results if we are in consistent action.
I believe we need to be the drivers of our own car(Life) we don't want to be in the backseat and Wait cause we don't know to drive or end up in the wrong destination as the driver does not know what we want. Rather we learn and act and achieve.

Thanks for the lovely contribution Preston. Enjoyed your comment thoroughly 😊

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Preston Vander Ven 14/12/2016 · #42

I like your article. You have some great points. I totally agree with finding ourselves to move forward, yet from experience I prefer the NOW. I once heard the phrase, "You need to Build your Plane while your Learning to Fly it.” Building our Dream or achieving our Vision can have better results if we are in consistent action.
Even if at the beginning, they do not create any results and seem futile, our actions are still habit forming. “It feels like you’re jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the on the way down.” I am a very analytical person, so I use to wait and try to plan every detail, and keep studying whatever I was doing. During this time, I never took action. It always delayed my goals. It was like me wanting to lose 15 pounds, but first studying every book, audio, and workout video. After all that knowledge was absorbed, I then realized that I never changed my diet, or began exercising.

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 27/11/2016 · #40

#39 If we are what we eat, we are also what we think and in this regard there is plenty of suggestions on how to get unstuck. The 7 things to remember when stuck by Allison Fallon serves as an example of the mental shifts available :

7 Things to Remember When You're Feeling Stuck

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🐝 Fatima Williams 27/11/2016 · #39

#38 Thank you @CityVP Manjit It's an inevitable truth waiting is a part of our life.

But I feel sometimes we get stuck in our cocoons afraid to fly and spread our beautiful wings.
I remember a story of how an impatient person who saw a butterfly struggling to come out of the cocoon tried helping it and that eventually lead to the death of the butterfly.

This waiting phase in the cocoon is sometimes required to collect the strength as you said that required to break out and fly.
Transformation is the fruit of waiting but lets not wait too much. 🤗🤗🤗🤗