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"Breaking free"

"Breaking free"

Breaking free from ... CONFORMITY.

Finding TRUTH and wisdom. That is key

Breaking free from ... UNSEEN captivity

... will give you “eyes to see” AND perceive.

Breaking free from all the “shadow casters”

Who rob true identity ... and create disaster

Do you know the devil is a persuasive pastor?

... on silent airwaves ... a brilliant broadcaster

... on the path of LIFE ... a subtle slave-master

Have you noticed this is an age of arrogance?

It has given birth to a culture of IGNORANCE

Where youth, too soon, lose their INNOCENCE

While our schools indoctrinate ... “SAMENESS”

Insolence & ambivalence produces mindlessness

Poison platitudes ... fuel attitudes of dissidence

LAWLESSNESS is selfishness turned villainous

The world is leading you into the MATRIX

The Enemy is deceiving you and plays tricks

... on your mind to take control of your life ...

... to rob you of peace and fill you with STRIFE

“Dis-ease” causes disease but the race won’t relent

until you give EVERYTHING … and all of you is spent.

You are taught to react ... NOT thoughtfully respond.

You are taught NOT to question … ask what is beyond?

You are NOT told to seek the Truth… but settle for LIES

“Will you walk into my parlor?” *said the spider to the fly.

Satan is just like the spider. He knows exactly what to try ...

As the “father of lies” ... he is ever so clever ... and ever so sly

He appeals to “self”... how deserving you are. Enter thru this popular door

He knows you’re like an addict, never satisfied, you will always want MORE

He allures you with flattery. His seduction is sweet. His path is a LAIR

The enemy of your soul offers trinkets ... but you don’t see the SNARE.

Are you ANXIOUS? Are you weary? Are you awake in some nightmare?

Does your life feel chaotic? Is your heart BURDENED with many cares?

How often do you feel that LIVING ... just hinges on a wing & a prayer?

Broken hearts & broken dreams ... broken promises are endless streams ... that we all share

If you should wake before you die ... can you break FREE? Your striving only produces despair

Guilt & shame ... doubt and blame ... we all carry them the same. It’s NO GAME ... they ensnare

Do you know the ONE who can make you FREE. Will you accept His dare?

“I am the Way. I am the Truth & Life” said Christ. HIS life ... God did not spare.

“He laid down His life for us.” By His SACRIFICE our brokenness can be repaired.

Jesus is the “Glorious-Glue.” He will “make all things new.” His GRACE is everywhere.

The GOOD news: We are not alone. Not left as orphans. Each day our burdens, He bears.

“It is for freedom that Christ set us FREE.” Love others AS yourself. Such LOVE does all forbear.

His invitation “Follow Me.” I AM the Good Shepherd, your place in eternity, I have gone to prepare.

“Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.” ~ Malcolm Muggeridge

TRUTH is speaking to us during our brief earthly journey.

It has been said “there are many paths but only One Way”

One path offers eternal LIFE … the others are a mystery

We FREELY choose the path we take ... the rest is history

Here is true freedom: “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” 


“It is in Christ that we find out who we are & what we are living for. Long before we heard of Him. He had His eye on us ... designs on us for glorious living. It is part of the overall purpose that He is working out in everything & everyone."(Ephesians 1)

A formula that leads to freedom: “More of God ~ less of me”

The “desire-ability” to apply the formula will result in being God-centered instead of self-centered.

“Those who think they can do it on their own end up obsessed with measuring their own moral muscle but never get around to exercising it in real life. Those who trust God’s action in them find that God’s Spirit is in them—living and breathing God! Obsession with self in these matters is a dead end; attention to God leads us out into the open, into a spacious, FREE life. Focusing on the self is the opposite of focusing on God. Anyone completely absorbed in “self” ... ignores God, ends up thinking more about self than God. That person ignores who God is and what he is doing. And God isn’t pleased at being ignored.”

Romans 8 The Message Bible (verses 5-8)


*Line from the Poem: 

The Spider & The Fly written by Mary Howitt (published in 1829)


July 21st 2020

“In His Light” … I write ;~)

All rights reserved:  Fay Vietmeier 

If my words make you think … Great ;~)

As “iron-sharpens-iron” … I enjoy bantering with other BEES … your feedback is as “honey”

A glimpse of the “Bee” called “me” ;~)

My caring nature makes me an advocate. My curious nature makes me a “queen of questions” … but gifted with the ability to listen ;~) I am a woman of deep faith, a blessed mother, a voracious reader, a blossoming writer, a grateful person, and a lover of beauty … I treasure family, true friendships and my loyal clients ... enjoy traveling, learning, good movies, good wine and golf. I’m a “heart-to-heart” communicator.





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#44 @Vivian Chapman
Dear Vivian ... you show much honor to share my post.
Multiplied thanks ;~)

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#43 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
I mentioned elsewhere my dear Professor that excellent post was "Emerging Myths"


@Fay Vietmeier

You mentioned on LI that you reshared my post there on beBee.

I stepped in mainly to thank you. Unfortunately, beBee doesn't list posts and so I am unable to locate the share to thank you and express my gratitude to you dear friend.

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@Harvey Lloyd
(part 2)
You say:
... "the differences between good and evil"

... "The key to good and evil is tension. A tension of consciousness that holds the individual and group together under common beliefs. The larger question is can one human dictate these beliefs without their own bias inserted?"
... "The one thing i have come to realize in each generation is the choice of belief has been supplanted with experience."

I believe that written on the human heart there IS an understanding of the difference between good & evil (this knowing can become distorted-biased-corrupted-educated-deluded or denied)
Throughout human history the source & standard of a moral code is always questioned.
Does each human determine the standard of “good & evil right & wrong” (each is their own source)
Is there a Divine Author ... A Divine Source & Standard of morality: “good & evil ... right & wrong?”
“Choice of beliefs” ... sacred is the gift of free will ... each day we make “choices”
These choices determine our destination and our destiny.
We freely CHOOSE the path we take
Each day ... each moment ... we CHOOSE
... the BELIEFS we will hold
... which way we will go
... which thoughts we will think
... what voices we will listen to
... which words we will speak
... the actions we will take
... the habits we will form
... the character which will define us
... the people & the things we will love

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#31 @Harvey Lloyd
Harvey ... my sincere apology for the delay in responding to your always thought-provoking comments.
(which I saw yesterday ... because of your message ... I seem to not be getting notice of comments?)
You say:
... “The reality that separates us from animals is this singularity. Consciousness”
“No one can act beyond their level of consciousness”
(I invite you to read my lengthy comments to Cyndi Wilkins below ... I can’t say it any better )
You mention the “Golden rule” ... principle of treating others as you want to be treated/considered an ethic of reciprocity.
I was very surprised when mentioning the "Golden rule" during a business round table (a couple years ago) ... that no one present knew what it meant.
But they did not the “Platinum rule” ... “Treat others the way they would like to be treated.”
Which (IMHO) could be a bit of a mystery ;~)

(part 1)

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Fay Vietmeier Aug 11, 2020 · #40

#33 @Lyon Brave
Oh "Brave Lyon" ... what a great question
... "how do you know the difference between strife and purpose?"

Broken hearts & broken dreams ... broken promises are endless streams ... that we all share

If you should wake before you die ... can you break FREE? Your striving only produces despair

Guilt & shame ... doubt and blame ... we all carry them the same. It’s NO GAME ... they ensnare

Striving : to exert oneself vigorously; try hard: He strove to make himself understood. to make strenuous efforts toward any goal: to strive for success. to contend in opposition
(this is self-effort)
Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Each life is unique. God has uniquely gifted each person with a unique purpose

As a woman of faith ... I share this:
"It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for (this is "purpose")
Long before we heard of Him, He had his eye on us ... and designs on us for glorious living.
It is part of the overall PURPOSE that He is working out in everything and everyone." ~ Ephesians 1

Being "in Christ" ... is a heart decision. A relationship that bears Divine provision & spiritual equipping ... is a unique Source of strength & peace ... direction and fulfillment.
This becomes a life journey ... all growth is a process.

I shall tuck your encouraging review "brilliant poem" in my heart. Thank you ;~)

Take good care of you "Brave Lyon"

Fay Vietmeier Aug 11, 2020 · #39

@Cyndi wilkins
(part 3)

an excerpt:
In truth everyone suffers from “full-cup” syndrome at various stages in life and to various degrees.
One key is recognition: honest assessment and a desire to grow beyond what holds you back … keeps you from becoming your “best you”
If truth be told: at best, our ability to honestly assess is flawed ;~)
Another is your level of consciousness:
The greatest achievement of humanity is not in technology, art or science. It is in the growing recognition of its own ego-based dysfunction. How we communicate has everything to do with our level of consciousness. No one can act beyond their level of consciousness. The dysfunction of our ego-based mind has been magnified through science and technology.” ~ Phil Johnson
“Recognition of ego-based dysfunction” … requires looking inward: looking at the whole human being: Heart & soul (mind-will-emotions)
... WITH some room in your cup ...
One never knows what seed-thoughts might fall into fertile ground that has been plowed open ... waiting to receive
"Sometimes we need an empty space in our minds that we may fill it with (new*-my add) ... ideas that are not contaminated with some long-held and constraining beliefs” ~ Ali Anani
Being able to consider new IDEAS ... new BELIEFS will only happen if we have “some room in our cup” … “some empty space that we may fill ” ... because our mind is “NOT being “contaminated with some long-held and constraining beliefs"

Again, when you lay hold of what IS valuable ... hold it firm in your heart and mind.
Live ... LOVE ... Share what is valuable.

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Fay Vietmeier Aug 11, 2020 · #38

@Cyndi wilkins
What you say here:
“If you wish to free yourself from the confines of conformity, begin to makes choices that challenge your own thinking.”
Your admonishment is "rightly ordered"
... a thinking person should examine what is truth ... what is valuable?

Reminds me of my post: “Are you suffering from full-cup syndrome?”
The point of the writing was: “CHALLENGE your own thinking”
But there is a caveat to the challenge:
The object in our LIFE journey is FINDING and then HOLDING ON to what IS valuable ... if you find Truth ... if you find Wisdom ... if you find Peace ... then you are blessed. DO NOT lay them down or let them go.

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