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Our life support system

Our life support system

We all depend on the ocean - our life support system. I learned several years ago this during my studies about sharks. I'm a diver, a shark diver. Yes, I dive with sharks, and my biggest passion is to dive in the different ocean habitats around the world, to discover and observe what are the sharks' species living there. 

Life on this planet started in the ocean. Some of the living species we try to study today, the sharks, have evolved from more than 450 million years now and are the ones on which we all depend for survival. 

We all are fishes! But only some of us know that. Together with my passion for teaching, I've worked all my professional life in somehow connected with teaching and learning, my interest for learning and understanding sharks behaviour has driven me a few years ago to create the Sharks Educational Institute - an international NGO dedicated to the marine environmental education. 

That's within the Sharks Educational Institute where we meet the "Shark People Tribe". If you are keen about nature, you'll love to know more about the ocean, sharks and the marine balance. And you'll learn that "Shark People Tribe" just love the ocean! 

Help me to make the change for a sustainable management of the ocean! Follow me and my colleagues on any Sharks Educational Institute events and support us for a better marine environmental awareness!

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#1 Thank you, Lada. I hope I can share with you some interesting things about the ocean :)

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It's great to see even the short article on this subject here on beBee, raising the better environmental marine awareness. The ocean is indeed the life support system for humankind. I started to explore your website, Fernando. Welcome to beBee.

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