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FRP Cable Trays Manufacturers have So Many Benefits to Share with Industries

FRP Cable Trays Manufacturers have So Many Benefits to Share with Industries

Cable tray wiring systems are so good to use. FRP cable trays manufacturers claim that their products are advantageous and can be the best alternative to conduit pipe and other wiring systems. Cable tray product is cheaper, more reliable, more adaptable to changing needs and simpler to maintain. Its design doesn’t bring safety challenges that are common in other wiring systems. The benefits of FRP cable trays are not limited to manufacturing foundries as industries using these products are also happy with their performance.

Wiring system selection is not the most suitable for specific applications when it comes to cost, corrosion and electrical considerations. This may lead to several issues like excessive initial cost, poor design, extra maintenance, faulty installation, future power outages, and additional safety concerns.

1. Cost

As per the report, initial cost of installing cable trays may be as much as 60% less than a comparable conduit wiring system. Cable tray systems including supports, fittings, and other materials, are usually less costly as compared to conduit wiring systems. Major cost saving is done with relative ease of installation. Cost of labor can run up to 50% less. Total cost savings may vary with the installation size and complexity.

Direct savings are simple to calculate during the design phase of an installation. The reliability, adaptability, inherent safety features and ease of maintenance of the system result in several other types of cost savings like:

  • Lower engineering and maintenance costs
  • Less down time for electrical and data handling systems
  • Less requirement of reconfiguring the system as needs change
  • Limited environmental issues
  • Enclosure size and quantity are reduced

2. Reliability 

You can expect unsurpassed reliability in case of cable tray system. Due to great reliability feature, these systems require less maintenance and down time. Since cable tray system is an open system, moisture build up issues are absent and damage to cable insulation during installation also get reduced.

3. Safety

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