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GRP Pipes Manufactures India Highlighting General Packing, Handling and Storing Facility

GRP Pipes Manufactures India Highlighting General Packing, Handling and Storing Facility

Do you know? How GRP pipes manufactures India handle, pack and store their products? In this article, they will talk about the packing, handling and storing facility they are having at their infrastructure.

Pipes shall be packed in bundles using banding option. Experts recommend non-metallic banding use to avoid rust stains development on galvanized products and contamination of stainless steel products. Bundles of the pipes should be placed on a flat level surface with timber bearers. If bundles are placed on top of one another, they should be vertically aligned.

Boxes and bagged parts

Boxes and bags should be stacked onto ideal sized pallets that will handle by a fork lift truck. Parts pallets have to be kept dry and stacking must be avoided.

Ladder and tray fittings

Small parts should be stacked on sized pallets and each pallet has to be perfectly wrapped to secure the parts.

Specialized packaging

Where delivery involves rough handling en route or transhipment, experts recommend specialized packaging for the products. Wooden crates or wooden cases are used in such circumstances.


For storing cable tray systems, pipes, channel support systems, cable ladder systems and other supports safely and maintaining them in good condition.

Galvanized products, stainless steel or non-metallic can be stored outside and covering them is an optional thing. But outside storage is not idle option for galvanized products because of the wet storage stain. It is advisable to store all metallic products undercover where no moisture is present and temperature is moderate. It is also important to store different finishes products apart.

Wet storage stain

When galvanized products i.e. GRP pipes and FRP pipes become wet, the finish may quickly suffer from unpleasant powdering and staining on the surface. This is generally called wet storage stain. This condition doesn’t affect the life cycle of the corrosion resistant products.

Installation tactics

Before installing the cable in the tray or cable ladder, you must examine the cable paths to ensure there is no debris or dust pr