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Is this becoming a world of ANGRY people?

Is this becoming a world of ANGRY people?Please don't shout at me, it's just a personal observation, but I do believe we are suffering from a surge of anger.  It's a strange conundrum because I also sense a strong peace movement, a rise in the practice of meditation and a yearning for harmony and calm.  Right now though, anger is winning.

The primary cause, and this is nothing new, is the human tendency to lay blame.  If something is wrong, the easiest thing to do is blame somebody or something.  The new layer to this is social media.  Why?  Because this blame is now public, and so it gathers momentum, groups evolve on platforms such as Facebook - echo chambers as they're called.  Opposing opinion is simply blocked - "get out, we don't want your challenging thoughts in here, we're angry, we're RIGHT and we're riding high on the momentum of it."  It becomes a rage fueled adrenaline rush.

Let me use Brexit and the resulting rise in racist abuse (anger) as a prime example.  The UK (and we're not alone here) has been a simmering pot of rising discomfort since austerity measures were introduced.  People feel victimized, hard done by, wages are frozen whilst the cost of living is not.  Politicians live in a bubble, they don't listen.  The media is biased, it reports half the story.  The struggle for many is seemingly unjust.  A spurious 'bet' between leading politicians results in a shambolic fallout which nobody is prepared for.  The complexities of the UK being either in or out of the EU are beyond the comprehension of the majority of people....the result is shocking, the lies thereafter even worse.

The reaction?  Who to blame?  Time to get angry and tribal.... it's clearly an immigration issue... isn't it?  So the anger begins, the lashing out, the ludicrous and nonsensical racism - ANGER.  Large groups of people who are disengaged, dissociated, lacking in true purpose and full of frustration gather in online communities and spread vile.  Children are scared of being deported, the word Nazi rears it's ugly head, anti Islamic posts and memes are spread like evil wildfire across social media platforms.  My guess?  Take any one of the perpetrators aside for an intellectual grilling and not one will give credible answers for this venom.  It is SHEER anger and something to blame.

I worry for the global society we are creating.  Our children talk of 'haters' - they know the term, I asked my kids...."oh, a hater is somebody who doesn't like your stuff Mum, the way you look or what you're saying."  Anger, once again.  A different type this time, anger born of comparison - one lifestyle being compared to another.  Nothing is good enough anymore - one person's beautiful, weathered, wise face is the advert for somebody else's anti-wrinkle cream.

I have no answers and my observations may be wrong.... I do, however welcome discussion and peaceful collaboration because I believe something has to be done to beat the rising tide of what I think is often completely irrational and mob mentality anger.

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Jerry, 54 wasn't for u, see the #

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#80 @Don Kerr "Thank you sir; may I have another!"

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Where is Nurse Ratched aka "Big Nurse" when you need her?

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#79 Hah! For that I just slapped another positive right upside your head!

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#74 @Donna-Luisa Eversley oh that's still a was the NOT knowing that was causing problems ✨🌈

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#75 @Joel Anderson yeah; I think that my real problem might be related to the fact that I'm not really angry...I must be trying too hard or something

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