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12 Human Vulnerabilities!

12 Human Vulnerabilities!

Vulnerabilities here, we're talking major internal difficulties, mental, experienced throughout the life. Some of them are from birth, others, most are emotional difficulties that arise during life and develop as you will learn irrational beliefs, or will have bad examples and disappointments.

Whether these vulnerabilities are genetic or acquired, it is always possible to alleviate, reduce internal differences and create a good resistance to this emotional stress. For this, the first step is to know them and identify them. Check out 12 of them:

1- Frustration

Frustration is basically what you feel when things do not go the way you had planned. People often get frustrated when you have the head given everything. In Buddhism, it is said that the path to enlightenment is to eliminate the desire. Perhaps it makes sense, after all, the more you desire and more inflexible you are, the more you will be frustrated. The more you say "If it is not that way, I do not want anything" more will suffer.

2 - Haste

Are you a hurry ?! Keep saying: "Do not waste my time" ?! Well, the rush is a great enemy. It prevents you from living things intensely and deeply. You know the person who lives giving little jump in place? If you do not have anything to do it does not takes time, do not enjoy your day, tasty sun or the beautiful moon, she invents something else to do because in a hurry and can not "waste time". 'Please do not be that person.

3 - Loneliness

12 Human Vulnerabilities!

Loneliness is a trivial matter and suffering for many. Some people just can not stand alone. Remember that loneliness does not have a closed setting, be just what your head determines to be, if you determine that can be a great company for yourself, congratulations! You overcome loneliness and can be very happy, after all when you feel like meeting people, not by an absolute necessity. But if you suffer for being alone, then there are two ways visible to you, or train social skills, and behavioral psychology does it very well, or you're looking to learn not to be assessed as a negative so be alone. Try to ask yourself: "What does it mean to be alone?" If you answer it means to be rejected, we have to do cognitive work, ie change that perception. Then cognitive therapy does a very nice job.

4 - Boredom

"Repetitive monotonous things make me upset," "Every relationship gets boring after a while." If you have turned the author of these phrases, then you probably suffer much from boredom. So, what to do? Getting into extreme sports, increasingly risky, more expensive? Or learn that adrenaline is also vice? Epinephrine is an endogenous drug, that is, your own body produces, but it's still an addictive drug. And as everything is too hurt, we are to think about the balance of the whole person. It is much better to live without having to jump off a bridge a day to feel some excitement, so is our reality day to day.

5 - Work Overload

12 Human Vulnerabilities!

Sometimes we assume many tasks in overloaded and barely able to identify the reason. May be low assertiveness, may be you can not speak the famous "no" at the right time, can be unrealistic expectations, you may find that the only way to be recognized is working like a "pack mule". Or you confused things and think that quality of life is to buy a lot of things you will not have time to enjoy, whatever the real reason, a reflection is needed.

Because you are burdened with so much work? And do not tell me it's impossible to change. Believe me, your life is what you make of it, is the way your life is, is not cool it is because you need to realize that depends on you, and only you change it. If you can not alone.

6 - Anxiety

Sometimes, at first it seems like it's nothing, but only anxiety disorders international diseases code has a huge list. Since the disorder of post traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety to panic attacks. In short, anxiety is every time you feel anguish when anticipates that will happen something important, even if you know what to do. Example: Do you feel anxiety before a test, even having studied? You can be an anxious. Feel anguish to receive people in your home, even with everything prepared for it, it is anxiety. Feel anguish when going to talk to someone that you consider important, even if you know how to behave in such a situation, it is anxiety. Untreated anxiety makes your life less income. You get paralyzed by anxiety.

It is important to remember that in some situations the anxiety is normal, but what will tell if it will be a problem is its intensity.

7 - Depression

Depression is one of the great problems of the century. How's your heart to things? Do you feel you have no energy ?! You may suspect that is depressed when you think that is not worth striving, after all lost grace. Depression is one of the most severe clinical symptoms in psychology. Depression kills. If not suicide, with no productive life of many people who could be enjoying life. But this is less table appears in clinics. Because depression are not treated. They have no hope. They think it is not worth it.

Working with the depressed patient should include the family. Someone at home has to be supported. It is difficult because the family sees it as a "boring". Unfortunately this impression makes the family turn your back and say "turn." But you know and need to know that no one "turns" alone without treatment.

8 - Anger

This is another topic that deserves a book all to himself, refines who have difficulty dealing with anger at the mercy of others. That's right, you are under the control of others, others irritate you and you lose control. When you realize that this is how it looks like you took a "remote control" of your mind to another. The other controls you, he knows to get you mad. Remember we talked about that part of the human balance feel that you have control over yourself? Well, who is vulnerable to rabies does not have this control, and besides, it's the kind of person who runs away from us, contact with people annoy the person is isolated, and wins the toast of depression.

Do not be angry at all, oddly enough, it is also bad. You have to have reaction when offend you. To have self defense, to self-esteem, which is healthy, you have to have a minimum of anger, is it that makes you react, but you need the right amount of anger.

9 - Prejudices

Any conclusion you draw from a point that is not clearly related is prejudice. Eg conclude that those born in this or that place is less intelligent. This is preconception. After all, there is no logical relationship of intelligence to birth place.

"He had a bad childhood will never be happy" - is another prejudice, because we consider the influence of the environment, but we also know that you can make a cognitive restructuring and be happy, even after suffering many problems in childhood. Psychotherapy teaches you to do this cognitive restructuring. Prejudice is closely linked to irrational beliefs that collects lifelong.

10 - Perfectionism

12 Human Vulnerabilities!

Many people feel proud to be a perfectionist. There is no way to know the reason for this pride, after all the suffering perfectionist, and for being so. It reviews everything that does not forgive it out a little mistake. Neither saw the other's work, but says it is not good. The one who thinks only he can make things right. It is one that does not take vacations because they do not trust anyone to leave at work. Do you think this is good?

11 - Approval

How much suffering there is, because of people seeking approval: "I have to do everything right, but what he will think of me." The sapo swallowed by fear to open his mouth and say things that others can not like? For how much suffering you had to go through having learned that "pretty girl does not do so" "beautiful boy does not complain" ?!

12 - Negativity

12 Human Vulnerabilities!

You know that person who does not believe that things can go right ?! Well, "To go out to look for a job if I do not get it." "For to go to party if I will not talk to anyone interesting indeed." Sadly, no? For that person destroyed any possibility, from the moment he began to think so.

These are the vulnerabilities that produce emotional stress. If you allow any of these vulnerabilities to invade your life will be opening the door to psychological distress.