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50 First Dates - Learning to love.

50 First Dates -  Learning to love.

The film tells the story of a veterinarian named Henry Roth (Played by Adam Sandler) who is considered the "tagger". He can not hear of marriage or serious commitment. He just wants to enjoy life and live catching the Hawaiian tourists.

One day, he is enchanted by a young Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore). He seeks to conquer it, believing it will be another of his achievements. This time the situation is different. The young vet just getting interested by Professor Lucy, but she has a problem of memory.

The story before the veterinarian Henry knows it is: She was in a car accident along with her father and from this moment, she only remember the things that happened until just before the accident. So every day she lives the same day, forgetting new things.

Faced with this problem, Lucy does not remember Henry and the young vet is obliged to earn it every day. Every day he invents a way to win the woman of his life.

Henry creates a very creative way to make Lucy follow the news, events and always remains at his side, winning daily.


The film portrays exactly the challenges of a loving relationship. Although the young person has memory problem and in most relationships, this problem does not exist, every relationship needs to be fed daily. Interestingly, some ATTITUDES that Henry had to have to maintain the relationship with Lucy.

50 First Dates -  Learning to love.

Decision to Love

When we're teenagers, we live some platonic loves. We imagine that someone will fall from the sky and just exactly in our backyard. And in addition, we imagine that this person will be perfect: physical appearance that attracts us, clever in the latter, which like all the things we like, that just like think we think and who loves us intensely.

I see nothing wrong in believing that there is someone special and that we can live the life next to this person. The problem is to create an expectation beyond what the other person can be or can do. The initial feeling is wonderful, some call it passion. Your heart races, you live a euphoria and adrenaline at the same time. Misses. She is jealous. Dreams of the person.

However, anyone who has ever had a serious relationship (long), you know that your loved one has flaws and that initial feeling or goes away, or matures. This is the great question of loving relationship.

The secret of loving relationship is that love is not only feeling, but it is also the Way, is a decision to be taken, a commitment to be done.