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Appreciate the silence!

Appreciate the silence!

Imagine you're in a bar with several friends and, coincidentally, everyone stops talking and laughing at the same time. Per second, just silence. The situation would certainly cause some embarrassment and probably someone at the table would say a sentence or joke just to break the ice.

Yes, silence is intimidating, and most people are not prepared to face it. A pity, after all, it is necessary for the health of mind and can do a job, and much in the way of self-knowledge.

In a society driven by noise - horns, computers, music, work, mobile, television - silence is a real challenge. Also because all these noises have already been incorporated into the daily and, in their absence, it is common to feel a kind of helplessness. This is because the sound is related to the productivity idea, joy, life. Moreover, the absence of sound stimuli may show things that are painful at first.

But, according to the professional, who persists and can overcome this dark and complicated stage just experiencing a very positive experience, which is pleasure to be with you, completely.

"Although at first seems difficult, the human bei