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Appreciate the silence!

Appreciate the silence!

Imagine you're in a bar with several friends and, coincidentally, everyone stops talking and laughing at the same time. Per second, just silence. The situation would certainly cause some embarrassment and probably someone at the table would say a sentence or joke just to break the ice.

Yes, silence is intimidating, and most people are not prepared to face it. A pity, after all, it is necessary for the health of mind and can do a job, and much in the way of self-knowledge.

In a society driven by noise - horns, computers, music, work, mobile, television - silence is a real challenge. Also because all these noises have already been incorporated into the daily and, in their absence, it is common to feel a kind of helplessness. This is because the sound is related to the productivity idea, joy, life. Moreover, the absence of sound stimuli may show things that are painful at first.

But, according to the professional, who persists and can overcome this dark and complicated stage just experiencing a very positive experience, which is pleasure to be with you, completely.

"Although at first seems difficult, the human being needs the silence. This is food for the soul. It makes room for the insights, desires, dreams and projects. "
Andrea Bomfim Perdigão.

Where he hides

Appreciate the silence!

If you think about it, there is total silence. Who leaves the big cities toward the beach or just exchange field the characteristic sounds of a place by the other. Still, investing in this type of change can be useful in the search for a contact inside. Then it is important to understand that to access it is not necessary to pack and say goodbye to her husband, the wife, friends and children.

"It actually depends on the mind. If you reach a state of tranquility, sounds and noises are only sounds and noises "

Coen Sensei.

Meditation can be very helpful in the search process for this inner silence - practiced even when everything around is noise, but it takes practice and concentration, and a lot of willpower.

Who is not a fan of meditation, you can try other ways to enter the silence on a daily basis. Before sleep or wake up, for example, you can try to lie down for five minutes in bed, just feeling his own breath.

Another good time to turn our attention to itself is in traffic, the car stopped. Simply leave the radio off and feel the vibe around. After lunch, take a walk around the block is also a good choice.

Small doses of silence already help to slow down. Over time, it is only gradually stretch these periods.

Appreciate the silence!

For many people, follow the recommendations above can be difficult. This is because we are encouraged to talk and give opinion on different themes all the time.

On many occasions, the silence can be interpreted as a lack of content and positioning, the most curious is that precisely because of this unrestrained chatter often the words end up empty of meaning.

In conversation, silence is necessary for there to be communication. Without it, you can not understand and think about what the other is talking about. Not to mention that, in giving value to the words too, we forget the other precious forms of interaction, such as a smile or a glance. When you give attention to signs like these, talk the talk is unnecessary.

To observe this in practice and learn to appreciate the silence, there are those who participate in retreats where participants are committed to spend hours or even days without uttering a word.

In the first moments, it can be difficult. Then it becomes something beautiful and rewarding. We found that we can relate in perfect harmony when not try to lie to ourselves and to others through words. Silence retreats are a gateway to a meeting with you. After all, one must know its own essence.

Moment of Silence

Appreciate the silence!

After realizing all the benefits of quieting the mind for a moment, the advertising Christina Carvalho Pinto, director of Full Jazz Propaganda, the state capital, decided to create in your agency a program called Just a Minute (in Portuguese, One Minute) to encourage employees to experience small periods of silence. Lasting a minute, pause happens every hour and a very calm music is played to mark the beginning of the session.

According to the manager of human resources at Full Jazz, Thereza Cristina Garcia, Teak, most employees like and think healthy. Some of them are very young and restless, they are still adapting. But many have already incorporated the practice routine. At the end of the day, Teca realize that these moments really make a difference.

"We were less angry and anxious," he says.

Learn to silence

You can not deny that sounds and noises are important messages. According to Coen nun often human life can be saved by the ability to hear. Thus, it is interesting to get the inner silence without this have to put earplugs.

" It is extraordinarily pleasant, though often requires dedication and constant practice. "
Coen Sensei.

Check out the following activities that stimulate the silence

1. Practice yoga. Classes are held with practitioners in silence, which fosters self

2. Swim. Go into the water and hear the sound of your breath, your arms and your legs. It is a class that rests the mind

3. Run. First thoughts arise. Then they quiet down, we have only the steps and breathing

4. Listen to music. It can be classical, popular, rock n'roll etc. It helps to penetrate the silence of the mind. As? Just listening. Pay attention to every note in the melodic sentence and the sound of the instruments. Just not worth sing along!

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#2 yes, I hear you ;)

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@Jared Wiese rewarding for me to note that you already know the benefits of listening more than talking, when we listen to our inner self, it is easy to face any challenge, thanks for sharing your opinion and this article, thank you very much.

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Jared 🐝 Wiese 5/10/2016 · #1

I love your essence: "In the first moments, it can be difficult. Then it becomes something beautiful and rewarding." @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira

"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak." Epictetus (http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/e/epictetus106298.html)

"Seek first to understand, then to be understood" Stephen R. Covey

Shared in The Miracle Morning and Eckhart Tolle.

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