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Being chic is to treat well!

Being chic is to treat well!

The first, the ungainly, expose your privacy invade the public sphere with its exaggerated emotions and feel the constant need to show the labels of your clothes. They like to tell what they have and talk about who bought or will buy. They cite many brands and often comment on them with the wrong pronunciation. Givenchy is difficult for them. Moschino too. And many do not even know what Fendi.

But say they are the marks, and their behavior is dictated by exaggeration talk too much and too, too gesticulate high, too show, embrace too much, use too tight or short clothes and too big necklines. In them, everything is excessive. And these are just the visible traces.

Brands translate into status, and there are essential icons that reveal who the people are, even if you never have talked to them: the glasses, clothes, shoes, handbag, watch, cell ... These are categories of objects that function as a presentation and allow you to position the person on the social scale. It is the clear definition of "who has what" because it reveals "who has how much."

It is difficult to escape from this pattern of behavior - however much you want or try - and in some social media, is almost impossible. It has become a paradigm that allows us to recognize others by their purchasing power by their social status, and the materialistic way of the modern world.

But in fact, it is a false issue, because the money, brands, clothes and objects, are insufficient to reveal who the people are. What separates them - really - it is discretion, education, generosity and distinction. And these traits are divided, even coarsely people into two groups: inelegant, striving to appear at any price, and elegant, that strive for discretion.

Someone elegant not imitate - why not just have, have to be. Be polite, be reserved, be generous, be simple, be distinguished. And being is something difficult to achieve: it is part of a refinement acquired over the years, and that penetrates the skin, making it as natural as breathing. Being is a feature that belongs to the soul and not the money.

Nowadays people define themselves increasingly the money: there are those who have and those who do not. This is a simplistic way of classifying the world for consumption and wealth patterns. Simplistic and paradoxically poor.

What defines us is how we treat others, because it tells all of us. Not what we have, but what comes out of us that reveals who we are.

Being chic is to treat well!

Worst of all is the habit of mistreating others - the doorman, the manicurist, the driver, the employee of the store, the waiter, or anyone who serve them or work for them. They are rude, rude: do not say thank you, please, good day or license. On this, the writer Miguel-Angel Martí García says that "the way of speaking of a person says more about it than your clothing."

Already the elegant, are another strain: do not expose brands, do not speak of their jewelry or their property, and always think less is more. Discretion is your keyword, and everything in them is measured, serene, without exaggeration.

Being stylish is something that has to do with an attitude: is far beyond having money. It is fundamentally an education. And the best feature of elegant is respect for each other: they are generous, they smile, they are soft, not insult and not mistreat anyone.