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Religion feeds the mind. Spirituality feeds the soul.

Religion feeds the mind. Spirituality nourishes the soul.

Religion imprisons secretes. The spirituality liberates and unites souls to a single principle, the Divine Love.

Religion is not just one, there are hundreds. Spirituality is one.

Religion is for those who sleep, Spirituality is for those who are awake

Religion is for those who need someone to tell them what to do and want to be guided. Spirituality is for those who pay attention to their Inner Voice.

The religion has a set of rules dogmatic. Spirituality invites you to reason about everything, to question everything.

Religion threatens and frightens. Spirituality gives Inner Peace.

Religion speaks of sin and guilt. Spirituality says, "Learn from the mistakes."

Religion represses all, do you false. Spirituality transcends everything, makes you real.

Religion is not God. Spirituality is everything and therefore: is God.

Religion invents. Spirituality finds.

Religion does not ask nor questions. Spirituality questions everything.

Religion is human, is an organization with rules. Spirituality is Divine, without rules.

Religion is the cause of division. Spirituality is the cause of the Union.

Religion seeks him to believe. The spirituality you have to get it.

Religion follows the precepts of a holy book. Spirituality seeks the sacred in all the books.

Religion feeds on fear. Spirituality feeds on trust and faith.

Religion is living in thought. Spirituality is living in Consciousness.

Religion is concerned with doing. Spirituality is concerned with Being.

Religion feeds the ego. Spirituality makes us transcend.

Religion makes us renounce the world. Spirituality makes us live in God, do not give to him.

Religion is worship. Spirituality is meditation.

Religion dreams of glory and paradise. Spirituality makes us live