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The masterpiece of Christopher Nollan, Batman: The Dark Knight, the Joker gives one of the most iconic and representative phrases, analogously to me: "I am a dog behind cars; not know what to do if he caught any. "

It was rambling about this irony that crossed an "theorem" on the ambition of the people - read: 'myself' - and noticed how self-destructive, elemental is this peculiarity in every individual. Ambition is not only aspire to something, but also enjoy knowing well what it has.

In the phrase of the Joker, the "mad dog" - he does not mention the psychological state of the animal - is a being insane without ballast that surrounds and without future prospects; It is just a normal citizen.

Despite the adjective "madness," the madness that we understand is, here, the common bond; after all, what is being crazy? Madness is a state of mind, higher or lower than common sense, which includes the reality out of a ball of oversimplification and socially acceptable; madness is nothing more than to escape the standards of reality agreed by what is morally right and seemingly pleasant.

Sandice This, however, it is not general nor has the shape; human we all have - forgive me for the cliché - a bit of innate madness in us. We are plural beings trained so our midst think better and more appropriate; We are heterogeneous animals individually weak but strengthened group. Every deviation, however small, to the common courtesies are a mistake that differentiates the individual from the group.

Be "mad dog" is thus running away from what others expect you arrive. It is not, however, be unrestrained and insane, but covet what gives you pleasure.

The cars that ran behind our wills are longing for their fulfillment, are both creations of our own and others who inspire us to seek something.

In my life, ambitions emerge as a congested traffic in late hours. There are so many possibilities, the most diverse satisfactions, the most enjoyable challenges, the most subtle of the achievements that present themselves to me so trivial way that evoke an imaginary which implode in a moment of epiphany, a genesis, a new newly created universe .

Ambitions, as the cars that are always running and pass arouse an insatiable appetite. They are, above all, the glory of conquest.

Being Laureate for yourself and receive the laurels is symbiotic desire to human life. Always want the glory of ourselves, overcoming barriers, hedonism running / erodes the vein driven by pulsar clearing. Aim for something and conquer it, for smaller or larger it is, it is always the object of the most divine satisfaction of human personality.

Just as the Romans in their theaters, we wear masks that externalize our imagined persona; We not aspire possession itself, but always what it is for us.

It is the mask that we use to build our duty to be, not our needs of ordinary life. The masks and ambitions are the entertainment of the soul, however fleeting it may be.

As for transience, we must say that this is the rarest beauty of life, because it is precisely the realization of perfect imagery that idealize, after all, everything in the beginning is perfect. All suits have built and all the beauty and glory are equivalent to primary ideal.

The greatest pleasure of the mad dog is not only in the car search, but just when he hits and then transcends the imaginary world reality; is this little moment, the encounter between idea and fact, we call happiness.

Happiness, as an expression of happy, only because it is ephemeral, it's short, wears off quickly.

It is, however, going after what betrays him and enjoy what is beautiful while.

@Donna-Luisa Eversley is actually a theorem about ambition, where it is necessary to look and know how to control not to let raise for greed, thanks for sharing, have a great week! =)))

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 9/10/2016 · #4

Oh dear... @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira, responded to you.. But your namesake is attached... I do believe, maybe this how I was supposed to share and 😊😇

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 9/10/2016 · #3

I've never liked the joker character, but he also has a role, and shows us another side of who we run to, or who we run from. Thanks for sharing @Flavia Toro Rodriguez

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@David Grinberg There is a big difference between ambition and greed, all must be ambitious, but the greed consumes the soul and considers him an arrogant and immature attitude, different from ambition, which in my opinion is how far you can go to see your dream be realized without going over anyone..

David B. Grinberg 6/10/2016 · #1

Thanks for sharing such a profound post, Flavio. You provide much to ponder. I would just note that saying, "beauty [or lack thereof] is the eyes of the beholder." Also, I've always found it best to strike the appropriate outward balance between ambition and humbleness.

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