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Experiments prove that we are Connected Beyond Space - Quantum Physics

 Experiments prove that we are Connected Beyond Space - Quantum Physics

We are all interconnected, but how this can happen?

This is called quantum physics and it is very hard to explain, but let me give you some examples of experiments that the United States Department of Defense implemented in 1998, which left scientists shocked.

Scientists scraped palate cells from a volunteer and placed in a test tube, connecting the test tube to a lie detector, or polygraph. Then they connected the subject to a polygraph, but in a totally different area of ​​the building.

To volunteer, they were shown various types of programs on TV. peaceful programs, quiet, as well as violent and exciting.

What they found was that the individual cells recorded exactly the same activities, at the very moment, as the subject.

When the individual attended calm programs, the psychological reaction of both the individual and the cells was calm. When the programs were changed to a more stimulating material, both the individual, the cells showed a physiological awakening.

The researchers continued testing with different individuals and their cells more and more away from each other, to a distance of 80 km.

It had been five days since the cells were scraped from the subject's mouth air, and they were still recording exactly the same activity at the exact same time.

Another experiment

Another experiment with very similar effects but with two individuals rather than the person's own cells, was called the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment.

In this study, they used two individuals who were complete strangers to each other, and gave them a few minutes to know superficially, and then separated them at a distance of 15 meters each in a Faraday cage (electromagnetic cage). A Faraday cage is designed to prevent radio frequency and other signals from there enter or leave.

Once inside a Faraday cage, they both individuals connected to an electroencephalograph machine (EEG), which monitors the neurological activity.

They pointed a flashlight in the eyes of the subject first but not the other.

The act of pointing a light in the eyes of someone causes a measurable neurological activity and visible constrictions of pupils.

The instant they did this, the neurological activity of both the subjects showed the same EEG and a pupillary constriction.

He changed the subject and separated them even further, achieving the same result.

In addition to this simple research, Dr. Larry Dossey personally compiled more than 130 studies on the power of distant healing prayer, and is convinced that it works.

He says that "after scrutinizing this mass data for almost two decades, come to consider this as one of the best kept secrets in medical science. I am convinced that distant effects, not local, are real, and healing takes place. "

These and many other common experiments show that we are all connected in ways that we never realized, ways that shock our minds.

The controversial experiment proved that we are all connected, beyond space.

We are constantly transferring information to the subconscious level, even with people with whom we are only superficially connected.

We should not be afraid of it. This is only one way the Universe works and has always worked.

We are reformulating and re-creating each other and there is no escaping this law. We can only learn how to use this law to our mutual benefit.

Become better than you were yesterday, it means that you literally become better everyone with whom you come in contact. That's how we all grow and progress. This is how we are all connected.

This is why doing good to others, it makes us feel wonderful. Because, in fact, we are stimulating ourselves from the outside in, the quantum level to the best feel.

Ptest Ptest 21/8/2017 · #12

This is pathetic. This is nearly a 1 to 1 transcript from the book the Healing Codes. Google it and you will find it. Nothing original and no sources. Wtf? Are you guys feeding each other on made up stories?

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Sushmita Jain 26/10/2016 · #11

#10 Sure it is!

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Flávio Rodrigues Vieira 26/10/2016 · #10

#9 very interesting, the energy issue covers many sides, believe your instinct is something much bigger than the word that names it.

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Sushmita Jain 26/10/2016 · #9

#8 That sounds amazing! I can say I feel the forces of positivity or negativity but sometimes.

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@Sushmita Thakare Jain deep down, we are born knowing about that connection, I can know when they are talking good or bad about me regardless of the distance, I can tell if a person is lying without even being in the presence of it, all this is attributed to a lot of meditation and connection with nature, both in the forest when in the sea where it is my house, when inside I feel part of the whole, makes it easy.

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Sushmita Jain 26/10/2016 · #7

Interesting post! Makes me wanna know more about it!

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