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Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

In the shadows behind the Pharaoh, there was a closed caste of priests, whose symbol was the eye of Horus. A signature, a symbol that brings the mind and evokes its meaning, its main action, which conveys an idea simply beyond words.

The eyes are the sun of meaning, origin of life. They act realizing its light, and the color vibrations, conveys the mind, the strength and the power of fire. The eyes are the nerve endings that perceive the divine will, the intensity of the light, the power of God, which the Egyptians call '' Phi ''. The force that sums up the spirit in the matter giving rise to the universe, the place of trial of conscience. They are the only nerves in the body surface, and we can observe in their vital work. The eyes symbolize the duality, the left eye is solar, sensitive to negative. The right is lunar, sensitive to positive. Eyes cross the information in the 'decussation of the pyramids', to produce the correct mental image of space. Eyes mean the trial of consciousness in a universe of contrasts, to find the truth by comparing the opposing parties. The birds evoke the action of flying, freedom without limitation materials, the hawk is the bird you see better.

Horus the falcon, is the spirit when complete their learning in mortal and limited life. When you understand the truths of the universe, because found in many lives and rises above the material limitations of time and space.

The eye of Horus is the immortal consciousness that knows everything and sees everything. You can fly very high, about all there is, or fix the attention in any detail.

The priests saw themselves as observers, the movement, the spiritual improvement toward the light, so its symbol was the eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye.

Melissa Hefferman 5/10/2016 · #3

I like to write about The Sun in my creative pieces. I don't think it ever happened on purpose though. Maybe these things are just there, these symbols like the eye, forever in that stream and always will be and we simply download them and then there they are. A poem. A song. A painting. A smile. An open Heart. A Glow. :)

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@Tausif Mundrawala thank you for your words, I'm reading a book about the third view, a Tibetan doctor telling about their experience of life in a place where the culture transcended some shallow spots difficulty living within a society, I believe this is the future, mutual respect toward others will cause the current global society change dramatically.

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Tausif Mundrawala 4/10/2016 · #1

Eyes are in truest sense a window of our soul. We can dive the depths of this interminable ocean which leads us either towards heaven or hell. An excellent post to reflect upon. Thanks for sharing it with us. I wont forget the eye of Horus.

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