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For love, the Important thing is the Character, not the Appearance!

For love, the Important thing is the Character, not the Appearance!

The famous Russian psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky is sure that a person's appearance does not affect his happiness quotient. This fact is demonstrated by the world of celebrities, where even those who fit the standards of beauty have no guaranteed love and happiness - well, John Lennon and Yoko Ono illustrate this very well.

I observe how women struggle hard against supposed defects in their appearance. Men, too, sometimes fight, but not with so much dedication. Generally, for them to make money is more important than being handsome.

But women get too involved with diets and exercise equipment. If they stick with new inventions in the aesthetic clinics, they use heels so high that they give vertigo. But this is nothing when we think of plastic surgeries, the scalpels' scalpels. This obsession is similar to masochism, and those who develop them are just unhappy victims, willing to do everything for the sole purpose of being loved. Of everything. Yes, any manipulated transformation in the appearance itself, from artificial tan to liposuction, demonstrates the insecurity people have about themselves, taking a step closer to narcissism. And this is a very nasty disorder. When life does not smile at you without the approval of others, having worship as the maximum.

What is worse is that, for the victims of the beauty industry, the measure of self-esteem is not the appearance, but the presence or absence of certain parameters. Speaking of which, the lower a man's self-esteem, the more important he gives the appearance of his wife or girlfriend. Those who are sure of themselves, practically do not care about these things.

The truth is that I do not understand why tolerate, for example, the painful applications of Botox, when the history of the whole wor