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I am often asked about how the mind works of successful people. There is somehow the belief that all they can achieve their goals in life, whether wealth, prosperity, abundance or just professional recognition, have something that sets them apart from others.

I believe above all that the mind of someone who lives with frequent success, does not have significant differences when compared to the mind of those who embrace failure. Both groups have the same kind of questions, positive and negative emotions and fear of the unknown. Let us now explore the similarities and differences between the mental mechanics of the two groups.

Science recently discovered that the words a person uses to communicate create a repertoire of behavior that lead to success or failure.

It seems too simplistic to say that speaking prosperity generates prosperity and talk about failure generates failure, but that's the truth.

Not that if you start to think and speak positive, good things will happen magically in your life effortlessly, but as long as you do not change your words, your world will stay the same.

There are some seemingly harmless little words, but they cause great damage in the performance of anyone who wishes to be successful in their endeavors.

In this article, I list three words you should never say to yourself if you want to succeed in life.

  • Try

The word try inspires anything but confidence! Who tries, fatefully can not.

Imagine a doctor who lost a patient in surgery, it will communicate the sad news to the person's family and says "Our team tried to do the best, but unfortunately we lost."

If he had managed to save the patient's life, certainly not start the statement saying "We tried."

You probably know someone who always says "I'll try to get there on time," just coming late!

The word presupposes failure try and if you have the intention to do something, you should scratch it from your dictionary and replace it with words such as can, give the best, try and do my best. See examples:

- "I'll try to get there on time" instead of "I'll try to get there on time"

- "I'll get up early to exercise me" instead of "I will try to wake up early .."

- "I will learn English!" Instead of "I will try to learn English."

- "I will do everything possible to deliver work on Friday" instead of "I will try to deliver work on Friday."

  • Failure


"There is no such thing as failure. There are only results."  
Tony Robbins."

The problem is not falling, but the stone to hold on, says the thinker! You've heard that success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm? So! There are no failures, only results and your mistakes are just ways to not achieve the desired result, face them as learning.

It is said that Thomas Edison, inventor (at least attributed to him) the light bulb failed 9,999,000 times before getting a positive result, but when asked about it, he said have not failed 9,999 thousand times, but have discovered 9,999 ways not to invent the light bulb!

Successful people do not recognize failure. All results, even unwanted, are seen as lessons.

  • Fault


The winners are also human, so err people sometimes speak or make nonsense and end up hurting someone or damaging the progress of a project, but they never take the blame!

What do they do then? Winners take responsibility for that, unlike guilt, it causes them to take action on the problem to repair the error!

Guilt presupposes only pain and suffering, different from true repentance that generates a commitment and responsibility to avoid making that mistake again.

The human being is constantly changing and trying every step to adapt to the new reality that surrounds it. common thing in any social group is the desire to achieve a higher standard of living that experience in the present. We can call this dream pattern, growth, progress, yet well-being or "perfect future". In the mind of each multiply daily stimuli that make us run in search of new goals, reaching new experiential horizons.


Suppose there are two people, one representing the successful group and the other the failure. Both have a vibrant desire to become leading professionals in their respective areas. We may for example consider this two students early career that know little or nothing of the real market and just dominate the academic theory.

Each student plans to enter the market and draw a progress walk and steady growth. They aspire to have above average wages and finally reach the top of his career in the shortest time possible. This is what I consider thinking "standard".

Students recognize that there are numerous challenges ahead. They should deal with competition, the fragile economic reality, political instability, unemployment, etc. Both consider that the mission is complicated but know in detail what the destination where to arrive.

Can accurately detail the standard of living of such professional success you yearn to be. They mentally set the salary of this professional, personal image, professional achievements, the car, the home, family, travel, etc., etc., etc ...

So far there is no difference between the two groups. Both have an idea and know what destination they wish to achieve. The great and ultimate difference arises immediately following the will.

The student is the failure of group think, "I know what I want for my life but with this crisis, with unemployment at high rates, with poor pay and the quality of life of most poor people believe should I look for the first job that comes up and ensure at least a certain salary. In the future and so improve the country I leave in search of my dream. "

The student is the success of the group think, "I know what I want for my life, I know that there is crisis, high unemployment, low wages and quality of life than I want. What should I start doing from today, to allow me to work around this situation and ensure the realization of my dream? "

Here we see that the main difference between the two groups is that the failure of the group assumes the problems as absolute realities and attempts within your comfort zone, to conform to the "least worst" targeting only a false sense of security.

On the other hand, the success of the group acknowledges the difficulties, analyzes its contours and immediately agrees to trace a daily strategy that allows them to continue in the pursuit of his dream regardless of the existence of an unfavorable present reality.

It is common to differentiate these groups for their curriculum vitae and its specialized instruction. The failure of the representative of the group gets a certificate, degree or respected academic degree and try to secure a job. The representative of the success of the group, gets the training base and complemented with other fields of knowledge to ensure not a job but the realization of his dream.

People who live with failure, complain daily and stimulate critical, people who live with success, assume errors and begin immediately to work so that they are extinguished as soon as possible.

People living with failure work for safety achievement and are the most subordinate. People living with success work for goals and objectives and are mostly leaders.

I hope the reader does not interpret my words harshly, but as a professional in the area of ​​human development know that without action there are no results. Who sets its course based on the maintenance of this, can never create a desired future.


What is regrettable is that we live in an era where people were led to believe that success is always in the outfield: in others abroad, in high academic titles, etc. In fact the recent past shows us that success comes from an internal process that we can externalize through the effective communication.

Success begins in the mind. It is necessary to have the ability to stay true to our ideals regardless of the reality that we have around us.

The mind of successful people is irrelevant obstacles with negativity. As I said Lewis Carrol "The only way to reach the impossible is to believe that is possible," and this is the great truth into the mind of someone's success.

There are of course, immense unique contours and differentiate the failed and successful but, in fact, the largest being the difference the two groups is the ability of successful act and move forward, regardless of the medium surrounding them.

Step by step to success and mental predisposition needed to reach the line of victory is something I have worked for over 20 years. Throughout my history, I studied diligently to successful life figures throughout history and this impulse feature is visible in all of them.

Do not think the reader that successful people do not feel afraid or do not have doubts. Fear and doubt exist in every human mind. The way we react to this kind of emotional stimulation is what makes the future if avizinhe brilliantly.

I believe that today, conditions are increasingly favorable to dream and who does not dream do not know what you're missing. There are two distinct situations increasingly: those that survive and those living intensely. This attitude towards life and the use of our greatest resource of time is what differentiates more and more people.

Success is not necessarily characterized by wealth and financial prosperity. Success is just the name that can be assigned to the search and realization of ideas or dreams.

For all this, be bold, observe the barriers and instead of thinking about the size of them, develop the necessary skills to enable it to overcome them.

Wishes for success and do not forget that the future is only the materialization of your thoughts, words and actions.

@Melissa Hefferman success is always within us now to get enchergar you must open the eyes of the personal knowledge and think what my real goal? thanks for you.


@David Grinberg the determination is another vital point, many can not stand up and fall often, as soon give up your goals, believe this to be the big difference.

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Melissa Hefferman 27/9/2016 · #6

💖 Words I work at eliminating from my vocabulary include try and fail and should. Oh I do love this article, as well as your acknowledgment that success is personal. :) Thank you for the inspiration!!

+1 +1
David B. Grinberg 27/9/2016 · #5

Thank you @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira for another interesting, informative and enlightening blog post. I think that maintaining a positive mindset through good times and bad is important to being successful on a consistent basis.

+1 +1

@Graham Edwards I thank you the opportunity to read something I believe in, the lack of attitude often create frustrated people and for the most part is not having tried.

Graham🐝 Edwards 26/9/2016 · #3

Thank you for the buzz @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira... a really insightful read. I liked the three words you used!

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@Deb Helfrich for sure, my goal in this post, was to raise people that success goes far beyond what we imagine, determination was always the difference between people who give up their dreams and those that pursue to realize it.

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Deb Helfrich 26/9/2016 · #1

"There are two distinct situations increasingly: those that survive and those living intensely. This attitude towards life and the use of our greatest resource of time is what differentiates more and more people."

There is a lot of food for thought in this buzz and your quote, @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira

Anyone who is consciously choosing how they are spending their time is living intensely - and that is a greater success than any passing accolade.

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