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Ladder of Life

Ladder of Life

In much of the time we walked in the earthly journey tied to uncertainty, doubts, ups and downs ... Plans are built and suddenly crumble, creating a climate of dissatisfaction and insecurity intimate. What to do? Understanding these occurrences?

We can think of carnal existence as a long ladder, which consists of several steps. Who is the first step has a landscape view around; who is in the second have another, wider; who is in the third reach beyond; and so on.

However, the reality around is always the same. What changes is the viewing angle and Walker perception capacity, according to their position on that ladder. What was not possible to understand who was the first step, it will soon become better understood when the second step is reached; and so on until the entire frame becomes understandable and clear. That it is determined to continue rising achieve, over time, better understanding of all around, discovering new horizons, always.

This leads us to think and understand, finally, that every moment of our life is essentially transient; and that it only lasts as long as needs last. So, we are not required to park in a single step or a single level of existence. If we were put on that ladder, it is that our destiny is to climb it to reach the top. This is the divine purpose for each of us and for all of us.

So if today things seem gloomy and sad, look at their faith in God and the Sacred Orishas the spirit, enthusiasm and determination to keep walking and walking up the steps of his life.

Think of the seeds sown in the ground: at first, they may seem destined to live and buried, however, have the real destination sprout, grow, bear fruit and generate new seeds, a perfect and continuous chain of life and blessings.

Each of us is like a "seed of God." Our essence is God, we are children of God. That is, God is in us a spark Holy, Full of Light and Life.