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"Life Of Pi" a great lesson of faith

"Life Of Pi" a great lesson of faith

Oscar-nominated film "Life of Pi" - based on the book "Pi Life" (Ed Rocco.), Yann Martel - seems more than just a survival story. The story brings in his 127 minutes in length, a target of symbolisms of runoff, meaning of life, faith and the ability to deal with our own traumas positively. No wonder that the already mature Pi, at the beginning of the story, set your journey on the high seas as a "story to believe in God," instead of a black stain on his past.

This, incidentally, shows some of the essential differences between Western and Eastern culture. The Indian teenager, instead of trying to forget what happened - however dramatic that experience has been - seeks to give greater meaning to his past. This probably makes him not only a stronger person, but also quiet, as show their sweet smiles and the mood light with which tells a story so hard.

Besides the beautiful performances, it can be said that much of the film asset is in good taste director Ang Lee, who involves in the Indian climate, with their music, landscapes, gods and philosophies. It shows with lyricism as a young Indian can survive for months in the Pacific Ocean without losing faith, especially in the company of a lovely and also scary tiger, called "affectionately" Richard Parker.


"Life Of Pi" a great lesson of faith

Thus, what could be a succession of desperate images, fear, anger, sadness and terror - so common in such movies - it becomes a lush sequence of beautiful images, which they elevate the spirit of which brings us to sorrow . This fact gets to be curious because before Pi wreck had no definite religion. After a period of trials in childhood, he pretty much westernized, so to speak, when it began to follow the philosophy of reason and his father's science. From that moment, all the magic of life practically lost to the character. Paradoxically, a tragedy was necessary that his faith and his fascination with nature returned intensely.

In fact, I am moving watched him thanking all small gift, as well as the very presence of Richard Parker, the tiger, which despite a constant threat, was also a kind of motivational focus that did not lose sight of its purpose. After all, Pi could even die, but how to let another living being, it depends on you, succumb to negligence?

"The Adventures of Pi" is very close to the legends and fables that both liked to hear as children. After all, these stories convey great courage messages, strength, determination and optimism, even if we see our favorite characters in the most complicated situations. Maybe we are sure that they can overcome everything because usually these heroes and heroines are marked by a sign of fate that drives them to their saga and at the same time, is what saves them from danger.

So it is interesting to note that a person labeled as curious name as Piscine Molitor Patel - named after a French public pool - lived fascinated by the water element, the point of being struck by storms or know how to swim very well. That is, what childhood was laughing stock of schoolmates, the youth became the essential detail between life and death.


"Life Of Pi" a great lesson of faith

What can we take from this lesson, therefore, it is that we, as Pi, we have many things that define us, but of which we can be ashamed for not fit the group. However, as we can not be anything other than what we are, understand this and accept our uniqueness is that actually makes us more resilient to life's problems. On the other hand, history also shows us that even in the worst moments, we need not despair in, or overflow in suffering or mourning, because we can choose to be flexible, humble and patient.

In the end, the experiences are good or bad, nothing lasts forever and we need to let go of what no longer serves us. Interestingly, even in pain, we attach to everything that reminds us that suffering and we were reliving it forever. And that eventually makes us prisoners of the past. Nothing wiser, then, that free us to live a new life, clean and ready for new adventures.

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@Julie Hickman is very satisfactory awaken inner peace, I am extremely grateful to Bebee for giving the opportunity to bring this people , many complain of daily problems , few really seek a solution , thanks for sharing.

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Julie Hickman 21/9/2016 · #1

"History also shows us that even in the worst moments, we need not despair in, or overflow in suffering or mourning, because we can choose to be flexible, humble and patient." - @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira
Your contemplations are enlightened and full of wisdom. A pleasure to read and absorb.

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